February 19, 2011

* Studio Angel ...

Before I show you my beautiful Studio Angel ... I want to talk about the moon, la Luna.  I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her.  I know I can't keep my eyes of her.  Her beauty makes me weak.  Her ability to suspend herself above us and accept the fact she is shining and gorgeous because of the reflection of someone else -- that big guy in the sky, 'el sole', amazes me.  Last night la Luna was in her full glory.  She shone down on me with dignity and grace.  The night was bright because of her.  I was comforted.

In my house, I enjoy symbols which remind me there is something bigger out there than little old me.  Something I try to understand, knowing deep down, the real workings of the universe are so huge, I will never comprehend the details.  Yesterday while I was at the market stocking up on mail art goodies, a little voice called to me from the corner.  There she was, sitting on the shelf, wanting to come home with me.  The perfect Angel for my studio.  She is sooooo Mexican.  She is sooooo Perfect for my play room.  I brought her home. We are both delighted.  I'm trying to pry a name out of her, however, so far she is not telling.  Last night while I was taking her photo, I noticed for the first time she is a little crooked, a little less than perfect, or perhaps totally perfect.  I can relate to that and I love her more for it.  A 'little off' ... just like me.  ;o)

Isn't she lovely?  Even has the Frida above the lip thing goin' on. 
"Philosophers have argued for centuries about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, but materialists have always known it depends on whether they are jitterbugging or dancing cheek to cheek." ~ Tom Robins


  1. What is it about angels that draw us in? I have little angels from candles to little ceramic pieces around the house. I love angels too.

    Your new angel is very festive, colorful and perfect for your studio. I notice she also adorns those tiny flowers which must be very popular down your way. Was she created similar to a nicho out of metal or is she made from wood?

    I'm sure her name will be revealed soon.

    Thanks for sharing and also for visiting my blogs.


  2. Hi Carolyn. Yes, little flowers are in abundance here along with ribbon. Oddly enough she is created out of styrofoam, covered in paper an painted. She's as light as a feather - I'm afraid she might fly away on her own. Might have to weight her down a little.

  3. She is perfect, the right colours even. I love it. She's perfectly crooked...that's another way to look at it.

  4. ha ha ... yes, she IS perfectly crooked. xx