March 7, 2011

* The Continuing Saga ...

I am quoting 3/8's.

"I got a poem from 44!  ON PINK PAPER .... it matches the bow in my hair.  Don't you think he's just so clever, Donna?  I love his coat.  That off white colour really is very sexy!  Now, sit down Donna and be quiet.  I want to read you the poem."

How can I resist a face like this!
"Now, don't act silly, Donna.  The little smile on your face indicates to me you are not taking this seriously!  I'm insulted.  Sit up straight and listen.  This is important.  You want me to be happy, don't you?  OK, I'm ready to begin."

"You fill my heart
With joy and make
Me a happy boy
I love you 3/8's
Can we be mates?
signed "44"

"Donna, Donna .... he signed his number and drew a heart around it.  Isn't he just the coolest of cool?  Sigh.  Now, I have written 44 a poem and I want you to post it on your blog.  What do you mean, some people think we are crazy?????  Who cares, Donna???  This is OUR life ..... This is OUR fun .... don't be so stuffy  (ha ha, I think .... 'stuff' y ... she should talk).  

"OK, OK, 3/8's .... keep your sheep skin on.   Dictate it to me, and I will write it down and put it on the blog."

"Have you got your pen and paper, Donna?  Oh, do hurry up ... "  (She is soooo bossy)

Dear 44.

Ewe are so handsome
Ewe make me swoon
I will be yours
I'm over the moon!

Love 3/8's

"Do you think he'll like it, Donna?  Do you?  Well ... answer me .... hurry up .... I need answers here .... this is important!"

"Now, just settle down you little jabberbox.  Read 44's poem quietly and enjoy"
And, so, the saga of 44 and 3/8's continues.  A little love story in San Miguel.  Ahhhh .... young love.  Doesn't it just give you goose bumps?

"You know it's love when forever is not long enough."

Ah yes, I remember that feeling.  Do you?  Hope you have some love like that in your life.  Very special indeed.


  1. Awwww.... looks like it's Valentine's Day year-round at your house!! So happy that you're all staying entertained over there!

    Enjoyed reading about your class and seeing the evolution of your paintings as well. Love all those vibrant colors!!!

  2. Yup ... Love abounds in San Miguel. :o)