March 4, 2011

* Day Five of Intuitive Painting Class

For those of you popping in from "The Butterfly Effect", I am directing you here because this 'intuitive painting' looks somewhat mask like.  It is however one of my spirit guides.  Intuitive painting has been a huge breakthrough for me.  This last painting actually spoke to me as I painted and I believe her to be the beginning of the series of Spiritual Women who are coming through me onto the canvas these days.  An amazing experience.  Hope you enjoy my 'spirit guide'.  Thanks for coming over my lovelies!  xxoo

Last day.  Last painting.  Interesting to see the paintings all lined up in the order in which they were painted.  One woman produced ten paintings in five days.  Incredibly prolific.  For the majority of us, it was one a day.

At the end of the session today, we laid our paintings out in sequence, spoke about our own process, other people commented and Nina gave an intuitive reading on each set of paintings.  Fascinating stuff.  There was definitely a link and progression, and story in all the paintings.

I was determined not to do a portrait today.  I played 'follow the brush' and just allowed my arm to move in any way it wanted, making lines on the page.  I got a face!  Thought provoking experience, as my painting gave me instructions and spoke to me all the way through the process, telling me the colours she wanted, where to put the lines, what colours to use, insisting I go slowly.  Truly astonishing.

My last painting "Spirit Guide". 

So here's the lineup.

Kathleen's day one to five, left to right.  This was Kathleen's first art class.  She is now dipping her toe into the waters of creativity from the corporate world.  She received rave reviews and a couple of people told her to 'just keep doing it'.  That surprised her.  I agree Kathleen ... just keep going.  You have an innate sense of colour and your intuition is obviously telling you what to do.  I personally love them all.
My day one to five left to right.

I found this series particularly interesting.  I didn't take photos of every persons, but believe me, they all had stories and they were all fascinating.
I felt this painting was stunning.  The last painting by a young woman who has never set brush to paper before.
"Intuitive painters are messengers.  Their symbolic vocabulary originates from the infinite wisdom of higher spheres, in a non referential time/space continuum."  ~ Ellie Nicolai


  1. This is a beautiful process, I am so happy I didn't completely miss out on your latest activities.

    I've missed coming here, and hope that next week I will be able catch up with you.

    I love the colours in this picture, they are just right.
    If art helps you breathe, surely you have been breathing beautifully lately, because your art is just amazing.

    Take care Lady D.

  2. You always say the nicest things, Salma. I love it when you pop over here. Thanks for thinking my art is 'amazing' .... xx

  3. Love this Spirit Guide Donna- very bold. She can surely guide you. Such a wonderful week of painting...but I see it's back to laundry and cleaning a bit now! See you soon!

  4. Hi Katie ... thanks for dropping by ... I did some mail art today. May get mailed tomorrow. :o)

  5. I LOVE her!!! How fabulous to be in such close contact with your guide :D XXX

  6. Very mask light! I love intuitive painting and seeing what arrives for people. Thank you for sharing. :)

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post...about the process and seeing the results!

    I haven't taken the time to really commune with my guiding forces...makes me want to :)