March 4, 2011

* Day Four of Intuitive Painting Class

Such an interesting class.  I never know what is going to happen next.  Many of us are 'tapping in'.  Tomorrow is our last day.  We will line up our paintings in the order in which they were painted and talk about them, saying how we feel and what we see in the progression.  Nina will then give a reading of each group separately.  It will be interesting.

Today after our meditation and running some energy, we were given blocks of clay.  Instruction was to mold our bodies as they felt in that moment.  Here are Kathleen's and mine.

I'm red, Kathleen is yellow.  My knees hurt.  Kathleen said it looks like some form of ancient torture.  That's what it feels like.
Kathleen's day 4.
My day 4.

I thought you might be interesting in seeing some of the other class members work.

This one and the one above are by the same person on two different days.
I love this one.  Looks like it came out of the soul of an Aztec.

"The painting leads the painter and it becomes and intuitive experience"  ~ Ardeth Davis


  1. Donna, I should have read this post earlier in the day. I never laughed so hard and spotted the red immediately as your piece with the horrible, painful knees. Now Kathleen's clay body being so indented must indicate room for additional art classes. Is she missing something?

    YES, I can hardly wait to hear what the instructor has to say; perhaps it will help me understand the whole concept.

    Include Ivan's comments, too, please. Perhaps he can add to the intuitive aspect of art.

    Rest those knees or wrap them in a knee brace.


  2. I'm going to write you a separate note regarding the readings. You will find them interesting. It was a great week. I'll get Ivans' comments as well. Give me a couple of days, I've got company for dinner today. Got my knees wrapped in tenser bandage at the moment. I agree, the clay figures were funny. Kathleen said when she modeled herself, she felt very settled and very complete - no need for arms or legs or a partiular shape. She said she felt peaceful. hugs, D