March 9, 2011

* Did I Show you my Fireplace Wall & More Mail Art

I haven't talked about Quinta de Luz for a long time.  Things are moving forward again.  Perhaps by the end of March, we might .... just might .... be complete!  I AM READY.

The studio bathroom is now complete, except for the shower head, the electrical is finished except for a plug on the back terrace and some of the lights are up.  Must go on a treasure hunt for lighting for the studio.  Railings for stairs, and terrace are in the works at the iron mongers, and a few little things on the to do list remain undone.  Things are definitely looking UP.  It will take me some time to get organized.  The bodega is full of stuff --- so slowly, slowly I will move it up and get organized.

The painter was back and touched up everything inside.  I had him paint the fireplace and the fireplace wall, plus a wall in the kitchen where I had the 'accident' with the alcohol ink.  So, here's a photo of the fireplace since it's been redone.  The chimney needs a piece of art ... however, I want to wait until I fall in love with something.

Today I went to immigration and got my FM2.  YIPPIE!  This gives me permission to stay for another year.  Once I renew this once a year for four more years, I can live here permanently without any more papers to fill out.  During that time I have a restriction of leaving the country for eighteen months only during the five years.  Mexico wants to make sure you are serious about being here.  I don't know any other country which makes it so easy, although there are monetary restrictions.  You must prove you can support yourself here.

Tomorrow I begin my private painting classes again.  Looking forward to that.  In the afternoon I'm meeting Kathleen for a girls afternoon, lunch and an art walk through the galleries and studios of Fabrica Aroura.  Thursday, it's a Nicho Party and fish dinner at Wendy's.  As I mentioned, May is here from Canada and she loves to make a few while she's here.  They all hang in her bathroom in Canada and believe me, it's quite a collection.

On the mail art front I am having so much fun.  I've met some lovely people and we have swapped some great bits and pieces for our art.  A very entertaining occupation for an evening here and there ... back to writing amusing, interesting letters.  When I was in Europe, years ago when in my young and foolish days, I wrote letters regularly.  I don't think I've done so since then.

First say to yourself what you would be;
and then do what you have to do.



  1. Beautiful living room and fireplace, Donna -wow! and gorgeous mail art too!!! I will be sending some creative swap mail to you today : ) hope it does not take too long, let me know when it arrives!

  2. Hi Leena ... thanks for dropping by. Can't wait for the swap cards. Also excited about your book swap. Love your blog ... so inspiring!

  3. wow, look at ALL the changes. I cannot wait to see if everything will be done by the end of March.
    what a journey...seems like it all started just a few months ago. I am sure however, that it doesn't feel that way for you.

    I am in love with that fireplace, the colours are just right. I'm sure when you find the right piece of art it will be perfect for the chimney.

    Fancy cards you got there..."eye candy", lol. Very funny indeed.

  4. HOW BEAUTIFUL Your room looks ! The mail art is also wonderful! I am still waiting for your first letter sent on Valentines day.I think it was so lovely that my very hunky mailman decided to keep it! I think it is like a watched pot that never boils because now I can imagine that it will come in the mail tomorrow! Wishing you well and I think that life in Mexico looks like it is good for the soul!

  5. Wanda! This is not good - about the valentines day envelope! Too long. I do hope it is not lost. Keep me posted, please. Thanks so much for dropping by ... I love that you can see my life here. Take care and I hope you have a good mail day soon :o)

  6. Lovely pictures. Your salon and fireplace look so comfortable and welcoming, enjoy sitting there! Valerie

  7. I love the color of your fireplace; it really sets off the room, Donna. I had to chuckle about your alcohol ink tragedy; I think most of us have been there, done that. Those tiny bottles squirt out when unexpected and the saturation of the ink is not easy to remove. I use plain alcohol which works pretty well.

    Enjoy your new art class. Can't wait to see what you do this time around. Perhaps a piece for the fireplace????


  8. Donna, your envelope #2 from March 1 arrived today. THANK you so much....what fun it was to unpack and imagine what I will create with the items. The art on the outside was especially lovely and it has a special spot on my office bulletin board.

  9. Hi Wanda .. thanks for the note. I think we can assume you are not going to receive the first package. I will get another special package together for you in the near future and send it off. This is the first one which hasn't made it! Take care, and thanks for dropping by Wanda.

  10. Hi Wanda .. again! What was on the outside of the envelope in the way of art? What did I send you? Honestly, I have sent so much 'stuff' out I can't remember who got what. I think it is the "Mexican" art bits you did not receive. :o)

  11. Donna, We can be patient and wait a bit, it still might be coming. Please don't feel like you need to resend. It was the envelope on your mailart blog-I did get to see how beautiful it was! But it might just be misdirected and take some time.

  12. Yes we will wait a little, however I have a box full of 'stuff' here, and I will send another in a little while. Got your letter yesterday. I'm shocked and sorry about your eyes! Will write this week xx love the scarf!

  13. Hi Donna , Your fireplace looks terrific. I have been snooping around your blogs and I must say "You certainly seem to be living a fun art-filled, true to you life. Way to go...Donna

  14. I must say, Donna ... I am loving it here. A very creative place to be -- it's like I've had an explosion.