March 20, 2011

* Hand Carved Stamps

Hand carving is something I've always wanted to try.  Not long ago, one of the women I correspond with through my mail art club sent me a hand carved stamp she had done of my ranch brand.  It's beautiful.  Here it is.  I keep it in a special box ... because ... well, it's special to me.

 A couple of weeks later, carving material showed up in the mail.  What could I do ... I had to try it.  There it was right in front of me ... no more excuses.  About a week ago, I purchased a carving tool at the art store here.  I am still suffering from a cold today ... but you know how that is.  I'm sick, but not sick enough to pass out in bed, and not well enough to go out and play.  Compromise.  I climbed into my bed with the carving material and tools.  I had fun.  I do love the primitive look of hand carved stamps.  In a Valentine card swap once, Ann Bagby sent me one of her hand carved stamps!  It was lost in the move unfortunately.  I think Ann's work is incredible .. I'm a huge fan.  'nough said ... here are my first attempts.  A crown, of course.  A leaf and a heart.  I left some of the background material on the stamp instead of carving it away.  I like the very primitive look it gives.  Reminds me of beautiful wood cuts.

La Luna.  6:02 AM.   She hangs in the sky in all her glory, believing she is the only one.  Shortly, El Sol will show her she is not.

I strive to give to others a sense of sacredness, because an art event is not just a formal fact but also a moment where you put a mark on your dedication. You must have a feeling of joining a tribe where there is the stick of command, because you are in a sacred place with its rules.
Enzo Cucchi 

Think about this quote.  I believe it to be true.  


  1. These are great. I got some squares to do my own stamps too...but haven't gotten to it yet. Love these designs.
    Hope you feel better.

  2. Thanks Katie. You will have fun once you get started ... like we need another thing to do! :o)

  3. I spent a time carving stamps but I found it to be so much harder than I imagined. I think it may have been the designs I was choosing to carve. I will have to try again one day. I was outside at 5:45 having a coffee and watching the moon. One of those "Fill your soul" times.

  4. Love the hand carved stamps. Ill have to try this!