March 14, 2011

* My First Pair of Earrings

Feeling somewhat better today, although I must say it comes and goes.  One minute I think I'm cured, the next I am coughing, hacking and finding it hard to swallow.  I know, this tooooo shall pass.

Experimenting with earrings today.  I don't have the proper supplies, however, I had harvested some beads and findings from old jewelry I had.  The day of the dead charms are new.  Actually, I'm waiting for a Catrina charm ... then I want to make pairs with the man with the guitar on one earring and the Catrina on the other.  Fun.   (Interesting ... female Day of the Dead figures are called Catrina's ... what are the males called?)

So here's my first attempt.  Tricky getting that wire wrapped neatly.  Will have to practice.

Round the centre of the covered market, where there is a basin of water, are the flowers: red, white, pink roses in heaps, many-coloured little carnations, poppies, bits of larkspur, lemon and orange marigolds, buds of madonna lilies, pansies, a few forget-me-nots. They don't bring the tropical flowers. Only the lilies come wild from the hills, and the mauve red orchids."
- - - D. H. Lawrence " Mornings in Mexico "


  1. Hi Donna! I had much to catch up on on your blog! You've been busy w/ jewelry, painting, and more fabulous nichos! Hope you and the computer are both feeling better!

    Got your awesome letter yesterday- I had just popped something in the mail for you too! :0) take care

  2. Hello Donna.
    Please forgive me for being such a bad blogger friend. Sorry to hear you were sick. I do hope you'll feel better soon. I wanted to return the good wishes concerning the Stylish Blogger Award. I wrote about you today. Please check it out and do forgive me.

  3. The earrings are terrific! Love them! Your wire looks perfect. I didn't know about the Catrina. Hope you get rid of the cough soon. We got mail today!! Thank you, Donna! And it is perfect timing, Donna is coming over from the Sunshine Coast on Thursday, we are having a play day. Love all the special items you included, it will be great fun using them. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was exciting to receive and so generous of you to send them to us. Cheers!

  4. Oh so happy your mail arrived. Have fun. I adore play days! Thanks so much for coming over to my blog. hugs from Mexico.