March 21, 2011

* A Nicho Play Day

Kathleen came over to play today.  I'm still feeling lousy ... think this cold has turned to bronchitis.  Dr. tomorrow for me.  I just really wanted some company ... someone to 'just be' with.  I had already begun making a nicho, and Kathleen brought one of hers with her.

Kathleen used the little painting she found at the market.  The painting is transferred on to cloth, making it a very interesting piece to work with.  She decided to pad the background which gives it an interesting 3D look.  It's a fabulous piece to take home as a reminder of good times in Mexico.

Mine is a gift for Kathleen.  We all have an inner child.  A child who needs us to be there for them and who loves to play.  This very girlie nicho is for Kathleen's little girl, from my inner little girl.  It will remind us both not to take life to seriously.

Another I made for a friend in the States.  Kathleen is kind enough to take it back with her and mail it.  Thank you Kathleen!
Oh, by the way ... 44 came acourtin' in this new sombreo.  3/8's is smitten!
My childhood may be over, however the child within still wants to play.  Tend to her.


  1. I am sorry you are not feeling well. I hope your illness is short lived. I picked up my "mail art" package that you sent when I was in town. Such a lot of FUN goodies. Thank you so much!! I am looking forward to playing with them. My reader is not bringing your new posts to me so I am going to try resetting it. I love all the quotes you share and the questions you ask. Your art is always a treat to enjoy so visiting your blog provides triple the fun.Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Donna, sorry you are not feeling so good, hope the doc will soon find a cure for you! Love your Nichos, each is beautiful, but my special fave is the one with Frida Kahlo, a painter whom I very much admire. She painted so much joy and beauty in spite of her illnesses, a great example for us all. Take care of yourself, Hugs, Valerie

  3. Oh dear...not again! Hope the doctor helps you today because you have too much going on to take time out to be ill.

    Ahhhh what terrific nichos. You are going to miss Kathleen and Ivan more than ever when they leave this time. However, you have many fun pieces of art to remind you of your great adventures together.

    You did a great job carving your stamps, too. Aren't friends wonderful!

    Talk soon,

  4. Hope the dr. fixes you up, we want you up and smiling again. Loved yr little shrines.take care, gerri.

  5. Oh my, I'm so so sorry that you are still unwell. Please be careful that it doesn't turn to pneumonia...
    You are a gifted lady...I just love the colours.

    Please take care.

  6. Wishing you health.....hope you are better soon, HUGS coming from PG! It is wonderful to see all the fun you are having with your art. Thanks for the note last week and the letters you popped in the post for me, I look forward them. Have played with your package of goodies you sent last time and they have become part of a art doll I made. Take Care, mail coming your way.