March 14, 2011

* Painting Party ...

This "Big Mac" I am operating now, seems to me like an old eighteen wheeler, before power steering, power brakes and an automatic transmission.  My Catherine The Great is sorely missed!  She is toast for the most part.  In a week there will be an expert here from LA who will have a look at the hard drive and see what can be salvaged.  Send the Mac healing fairies .... I really would love to have my photographs back.   ..... speaking of Back ... I must think about BACK UP.  Obviously, I would not be in this pickle had I paid attention to backing up my work!

Names for my new Mac are up for grabs.  Any ideas anyone?  Stipulation is the name must be a Queens' name ... not just any Queen, one who 'did her country proud' ... a strong Queen.  My first computer's name was Elizabeth I, the one I am using here is Isabella of Spain, and my laptop was Catherine the Great of Russia.  Next one?

The love affair continues.  44 attended Saturday's festivities.  3/8's was over the moon.  He brought her flowers from the garden.

We had a painting party at Quinta de Luz on Saturday.   Another feast, a few nibbles, good wine, great company and some paint.  It was intuitive painting, so we meditated first, allowing our mind to get into 'the zone' ... then quietly, we painted.  Here are the results.

Kathleen wanted (in her head) to paint with green and black.  Her intuition however, lead here to these paint colours.  Light and airy, lots of movement, happy colours, transition.  If you hold it the way she painted it, which is with the curvy lines at the bottom, it gives her a great foundation with movement upwards.  Hold it the other way --- it's raining 'pennies from heaven'.  Lots of happiness, change and shifts.  Great stuff, not necessarily easy to navigate.
Ivan is doing some very heavy inner work and it shows in his painting.  The colours are sombre.  There is turmoil and graceful movement.  Things are shifting. He is working his way though the hills and valley's of life.  Many bird like shapes indicating messages.  Dark tunnel coming out into the light in the shape of a heart .... lots to get though.  A tough journey with a good outcome.

I look dozzie because I'm getting a cold.  I wanted to begin a background for a piece I had in mind.  This is only the first layer.  The 'ribbon of life' is what will connect it all as I put the pieces in.  Many more layers to come.  I'll keep you posted.
It's Monday already!  Yesterday, I decided to have a 'nightie' day and try to heal my cold.  Company arrived, Wendy and Sal.  Nice to see them.  Wendy brought me some fabulous CD's to load my computer with as I had no music .... and ..... I cannot live without my music.  

I'm out of bed today and feeling much better -- at least I have some energy.  May was just here for coffee.  On her way to centro, she thought I might want her to pick up something.  

Not much on the agenda today.  Writing some letters, doing some mail art, dishes from Saturdays' dinner party, laundry ... etc. etc.  

Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.  ~Michael Burke


  1. I love the idea of a painting party, I think I will invite some friends here and see if they come and play - if not, I will play alone! How about Queen Victoria? She reigned a very long time, and was a real tough lady! Hugs from cold and windy German, Valerie

  2. I have posted an award for you on my blog. Hope you like that.

  3. Hi Valerie --- yes, it's fun. We had a poetry reading and a nicho party --- all very very much fun. I have been 'musing' over Victoria ... thanks for the suggestion. It looks like it might rain here for the first time in months. Beginning of the rainy season? Not usually 'til May -- Thanks for dropping in .. keep warm. hugs ...

  4. Hi Donna - I'll be over to have a peak - maybe take me a couple of days. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Has any mail ever showed up for you? I had one package to Canada which never did show up. Let me know. Hope you are not tooooo cold.

  5. Ohhhhh I like the newest intuitive beginnings. Kathleen's is bright and full of spring which I like a lot. Ivan's reminds me of a volcano and the earth around it. Yours I really like a lot and can't wait to see where your path leads.

    As for a computer name perhaps it should be a king because it is a BIG MAC....

    I'm really sorry about all of your photographs. About a year ago I purchased a separate hard drive that connects via a USB port which backs up my data constantly and the operating system weekly. I purchased a unit that holds 465 GB data which seems adequate at this point even with all of my PhotoShop files and photographs.

    Just an idea for down the road.

    Thanks for visiting my digital blog today. I appreciate it a lot.

    Hugs and take care of that cold!!!!

  6. I think you are more intuitive than you think, Miss Carolyn! Right on on all counts!

    This 'big mac's' name is Isabella of Spain. I had this one since 2005 and brought it to do my art in my studio. It was only last year I bought my Macbook pro (laptop) and am hooked. That's the one that is toast. So I need a name of another Queen.

    Yes, thanks about the back up. Great idea. I have to have a look and get something quick.

    I have Aperture (the program) on this new computer. I wonder how it differs from photoshop. time will tell.