March 7, 2011

* A Quick Catch Up Post

Monday, again.  The weeks fly by at the speed of light.  After a solid week of classes, Saturday I played catch up with the ordinary things of life.  Shopped for groceries, cleaned house,  (yes, I have a housekeeper, however it does not eliminate the San Miguel dust), hosed down the jardin, watered plants and had a small dinner party.

Mexico May, a friend from Victoria is back in town for about six weeks.  She is staying with Wendy, whom she has known forever.  They spent Saturday evening here and we had a lovely time sharing a little wine, a little food, and some good conversation and laughs.

Sunday I turned into a pumpkin and did absolutely nothing.  Well ... that's not totally true .... three loads of laundry did get done. Wendy came over for tea.  Didn't get out of my nightie though.  Had a two hour nap in the afternoon, and by evening I was beginning to feel normal again.  Ready for another week of fun.

My papers are ready to be picked up at immigration.  I have to renew them every year for five years.  I will be picking those up today ..... YEAH!

The electrician came last week and the electric for the house is complete except for one plug in on the back terrace.  Hunting for studio lighting is on the agenda now.  That will be fun.

Last week, Kathleen, unbeknownst to me, was prowling around with her camera.  I was so far into 'the zone', I simply was not aware of anything around me.  I love that feeling.

  "A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.”

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