March 15, 2011

* To Market, To Market to Buy a Fat Pig ....

Tuesday Market in San Miguel.  A fabulous place to explore, especially with friends.  I'm sure if we had arrived earlier we could have found a little fat pig to buy, however, by the time we arrived there were only lambs, song birds, rabbits, chicks and geese.  Ah well .. perhaps when I get the forty acres.  :o)

Our mission was to root around in the 'rusty old stuff' section.  Pat is doing a collage about her grandson, and I ... well, you know me .... I have to have my stash!  Kathleen is in the midst of exploring her creative side and has dozens of ideas for creating family heirloom nichos when she gets back north.  She found a gorgeous old picture transferred on to material which will be perfect.

For Pat and I, it was heads down, bums up ... literally, as most of the goods are laid out on the cement pavement.  Kathleen scouted ahead to find the 'good stuff' for us.  We hit about five stalls, plundered the best of what was available and collapsed at a table for lunch.  Gorditas and fresh juice.  We managed to spend most of the day, happily enjoying our surroundings, and poking through 'stuff'.  ... as you know, one of my favorite pass times.  I will take some photos tomorrow and post them.  In the meantime, here are a few scenes from Tuesday Market.

Lunch will be ready in a minuto.
A lovely photo of "Patty Boom" ... at least that's what her grand children call her.
Strawberries are in season.  YUM.
Fabulous choice of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as food cooked on the spot.
Pat and Kathleen have spotted something!  I'd better catch up.
Women crochet and embroider, chatting and awaiting the next customer.  Song birds sing, and a baby sleeps peacefully on the floor beside them.
Good things I don't have land ... I'd probably want animals here.
Fresh fruit already cut up in big glasses for a snack.  Lots of noise, lots of live music, and lots of 'marketing' goin' on.
The honey here in Mexico is incredibly good.  I'm hooked.
Pat and Kathleen ham it up.  There is a rope around Pat's neck.  To the left you can see some of the rusty old stuff we were exploring for art and assemblage projects.
Life is partly what we make it, and made partly by the friends we choose.


  1. How wonderful to see so much sun, fun, life! I can smell those strawberries! These are sights for the soul! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I find this country full of soul food for me, anyway. My little corner of the world. :o)