March 31, 2011

* Wedding Card

A week or so ago, I was asked to make a card for a special wedding.  I accepted, (silly me yet again) because I thought I would have my card stock and other necessities out of the bodega.  Well ... of course that didn't happen.  Quinta de Luz is crawling with hombres doing all the last minute fixing without an end in site.  Yesterday, I got in a bit of a state and decided I'd better get creative.  The lady who ordered the card needs it tomorrow.

Challenges ... no card stock and no envelopes.  I did have paper available and my handy dandy new cuttlebug.  So I went to work.  Made the main card out of water colour paper.  The flower out of some glittery organza I had.  The envelope was a little more of a challenge .... no paper light weight enough to fold and glue into an envelope.  Finally it came to me.  Make the envelope out of the sheer material.  Here's what happened.

Inside is not what I would have done had I had my supplies on hand.  However ...  I had roses and ribbons so I used them.
The envelope had to be glued instead of sewn.  I was able to hide the rough edges with German scrap.  The back flap of the envelope is held down with a little pink silk rose.
 Considering the circumstances ... it could have been worse.  I think it's still romantic, and I'm hoping the lady who ordered it likes it.

The Creative Person
is both more primitive
and more cultivated,
more destructive,
a lot madder and a lot saner,
than the average person.
~ Frank Barron

I often find myself thinking along this line of thought - so am comforted to find this quote.

When I arrived in Mexico, I had nothing creative to work with.  I had let it all go.  Thought I would be OK.  NOT!  So ... over the last couple of months, e-bay and Joann's among others have been making a tidy bundle as I try to rebuild my stash!  Little did I know it would be so expensive.  HOWEVER ... can't live with out creating.  Create to Live and Live to Create.  Need 'stuff' to do that.


  1. Donna, you are amazing!!! Creative, romantic, beautiful and completely and totally unique! And, yea, you do need stuff. I struggle with that too because I have dumped so much stuff and now feel a little short-changed. Trying to keep it simple...

  2. This card is just wonderful. It is absolutely unique, A creative spirit is sometimes better than more materials, but it's good to have a basic stock. I think you would enjoy playing in my cupboard! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Hi Patty .. thanks so much for coming over. I agree with keeping it 'simple' ... that was the entire point when I left Canada. Somehow though, it just doesn't seem to be who I am in the creative department. I'm learning a lot about myself here. ha ha

  4. Valerie .. there is no question in my mind I would adore playing in your cupboard! I think we may be 'hit with the same brick'. ;o)

  5. So incredibly beautiful even without having all your stuff. Just love the shear envelope, lovely idea. I want to thank you for all your support and encouragement on my work. I can feel the positive supportive power thru the computer...I really can. take care dear friend, gerri.