March 18, 2011

* What do you do when you can't sleep?

Another sleepless night.  Not all of it ... just the last half.  I don't fight it anymore ... this has been going on for well over a year.  Do you sleep all night?  That wonderful blissful sleep which seems like a minute, but it's been the entire night?  What do you do if you are not sleeping?  Toss and turn and hope the sandman will show up any moment?  Do you get up?  Do you read? What's your solution ?

I used to annoy me.  I fought it.  I tossed and turned.  I grumped about it the next day.  Now I go with the flow.  So much easier.  I can honestly say I even enjoy my middle of the night adventures.  Many nights, with my eyes wide open, I create my blog for the next day.  Since my laptop has been out of commission, it's not so easy.  I have to actually disembark from my resting place, walk to the desk and turn on Isabella.  Not as tempting to do, because sometimes it's chilly here in the night.  Not enough to deter me though.  Armed with my cozy robe, I venture out, make a cup of tea and do something ... anything ... until I'm tired enough to fall asleep.

Last night it was mail art.  Also played with my new Cuttlebug machine.  Did I tell you I got one?????  Mucho Felis.  Another blog, another story. 

Last night Ms Kelly from the Chicago area got a letter.  I created a hand carved stamp with some of the rubber block she sent me, and I wrote a letter, decorated an envelope, enclosed some goodies ... had night time fun.  Trouble is, it's morning now, and I haven't been back to bed.  Ah well ... there's always tomorrow night ... and more creative adventures. :o)

Established goals are alright as long as you don't allow them to deprive you of the interesting detours. 

Oh soooo true.


  1. Hi Donna, if I can't sleep I get up, read, paint, listen to music, eat chocolate - and sometimes more or less all together. I live in the west of Germany, in Düsseldorf, and it's cold and rainy here here again. Düsseldorf is not far from Cologne, and not far from Holland, I live near the Rhine, in a pretty and also the oldest part of the town, with a ruined castle and quaint old houses. But sooner or later we must get to spring!
    Loved the pics you made!
    Take care of yourself! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Ah .. you sound like a woman after my own heart in the 'no sleep' department. You live in a beautiful part of Germany. Your village sounds magical .. I would adore it. I often think about how much our surrounds inspire (or not) us in our creative endeavors. The rainy season will begin here soon ... May or so. Hope you see spring, just around the corner.