April 26, 2011

* Catching up on Mail Art ...

I was so far behind I thought I was first.  Ever have that feeling ....?  I know you have.  This weekend was a quiet one, so I caught up on my letter writing, decorating envelopes (albeit very quickly this time), and stuffing them with what I hope will amuse the recipient.

Railing for the jadin steps were installed today.  I think it adds some graciousness to the jarin ... very pleased.

And upstairs, at the studio, the railing is now installed.  No more, "one step to far and you're toast", syndrome.  Feel so much better.

Hope you are all making yourselves a great day.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  DON'T FORGET --- next couple of weeks an earring giveaway.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS, and, most important of all ... Thank YOU for stopping by.  I am honoured you take the time to be here, and spend some time with me.  Hasta.

"You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?" ~ Rumi


  1. OMG, there wer NO RAILINGS!!!! Sorry, had to shout. Lucky you're not in Germany, they would have cordoned off your house as a danger zone! Love your mail art envelopes, I wonder what my post lady would say about them?? Great work, Donna! And I posted a ?? to you today, should arrive by Xmas, perhaps even sooner! Have a great day, REST!!! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Your poor mail lady would be in a real state if the two of us were bringing our mail in to her! Railings ... there was a 12" lip so to speak, on the upstairs terrace ... so it wasn't a straight step off - but I could see it happening. This is still the 'wild west' ... no rules! It's every woman for herself. .. amazing. Thanks for the ?? ... I'm excited! D

  3. oooh,I spy something for me! :0) Joy! Have I told you yet how much I love your new header too!!!! Love, Donna, LOVE!

  4. Donna~ I LOVE your life, and I love to read about it. I see a little somethin' on your blog that might be headed my way? Can't wait!! Hope you are well....send some sunshine my way...will ya!?! Cheers friend----> Millicent

  5. Hi Katie, Hi Millicent ... thanks so much for dropping by .. you gave me such a huge boost just when I needed it ... long story. Thanks for being here! hugs from Mexico, Donna

  6. Donna, what a bright and cheerful blog you have. I always love seeing your mail art . . . I have that one envelope, turquoise with the woman in the dress and the orange -pinned to my wall : ). I will think about your questions about basic supplies and get back to you!

    p.s. I just tracked your Little Book Swap package and .. . Apr 28, 2011 8:11 AM -On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    BRADENTON, FL! I will see it today, yay! : ) lenna

  7. YEAH! I'm so excited it's there. Hopes everything is in tact. Thanks so much for dropping in, Leena. Very much appreciated. hugs from Mexico, Donna