April 3, 2011

* Collage (Wrong) ... Assemblage Workshop

Last week, a friend of mine booked me into a workshop because she thought it looked like fun.  I thought it was a 'collage' workshop.  Today, upon arrival, prepared with my special scissors and glue I adore in my bag, I was surprised  to find something completely different.  Along one side of the studio lay boxes of found objects, everything from buttons, to paper, to bits of jewelry, to rusty old stuff.  My heart quickened.  Could it be???

"What's all this?" I asked Joseph.  "Found objects", he replied.  This is an assemblage class ... you know .. the class you've been waiting for."  WOW, I had lucked out.  All those 'bits and pieces' to play with.  Don't get me wrong, you know I have fun doing collage, however there is something about working in 3D that thrills me.

When you come to San Miguel, you absolutely must meet Joseph.  A very interesting man, and a special 'old soul'.  A powerful combination.  Life coaching and hypnosis are among his repertoire.  He's also an artist in his own right, holds very interesting art shows in his own studio, and conducts oh such fun workshops.  Spend a day with Joseph on your visit here and you will go away a richer person, having had a wonderful day which you will remember for a very long time.

I wandered along the row of objects, intuitively choosing pieces which attracted me.  An oriental box, a rusty old square container ... could have been part of an old nicho,  rusty wire, springs, lovely shaped pieces of metal, and three tarot cards which called my name.  Joseph came over to my table with his hand full of objects he has kept aside for me because he thought I might enjoy them.  How LOVELY is that!  Heart milagros (how does he know I'm a heart girl), a piece of jewelry with cool parts, and brown paper which says "a fabulous life'.  I felt very special.  Joseph is one of those people who makes the world a better place every day, by these random acts of kindness.

We played for about three hours.  I was so engrossed in the process I didn't get a photo of each piece of art.  However, here are some.  Can you tell ... FUN was goin' on?

Quite a few of the people in the group were well known artists.  This woman makes the Cirque de Sole dolls.  Look at the fabulous faces on this piece.

This was the first piece for one of the gentlemen in the group.  Isn't is fun?  (I know, a terrible photo ... I hope you can get the drift.)
Such a playful piece!
This piece was huge!  Again, photo does not do it justice.  It's a 'statement' piece.  I loved it.
When you see this one in person, it's obviously a playful woman.  Just home from spending time with a Bedouin tribe.
Here's how to get three photographs of your own work into your blog.  Joseph with my art piece.  (no. 1)
No. 2.  Had to have a shot of me with my art.
No. 3.  Sneak in another shot of my art piece by itself.  ;o)

About this piece.  It is intuitive.  Like my paintings.  No planning.  When I first found out I was in an assemblage class not a collage class I was a little stressed.  The first thought which came to mind was I 'should' have brought something from home to use as a focal point.  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  As I got into the process, I realized that.  As I chose the pieces, the decision making process was strictly on what attracted me ... I didn't even need to know why it attracted me.  I chose quickly.  When I found the tarot cards, I asked the Universe to give me three cards.  I chose them with the face of the deck down.  The cards are:  Nine of Pentacles.  King of Cups. Knight of Pentacles.

When I came home I researched the meaning of each card.  Very interesting how they fit into this time in my life. Tune in tomorrow, and I will give you a brief overview of how I read this piece I created and how it relates to my life in the 'NOW'.

As I feast my eyes and ears on each of your blogs, your lives, and your wonderful art, I always find it so incredibly interesting how different, individual and unique we all are.  Who else is interested in assemblage?  I'd love to hear from you.  Doing some of this work is on my priority list for this year.  Let's talk.

I think of life itself now as a wonderful play that I've written for myself, and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part.  ~Shirley MacLaine


  1. Donna, you really shine in assemblage! I love yours, and all of these were so interesting. I would have been jumping for joy too to find it an assemblage class. AMAZING piece!!!

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!! Why wasn't I there, too. I am drooling t the thought of all those lovely things. Glad you had such a great day, one day like that makes up for so many days when things don't go as we want them to. LOVE what you made, and the Tarot cards give it the right finishing touch! Have a another great day today, Hugs, Valerie

  3. Thanks for such a beautiful post and the artwork you made is lovely, as always!

    And a HUGE thank you for your shining, heartfelt words about me. I am honored beyond words. Thankyou. Joseph Bennett

  4. Hi Everyone .. thanks so much for stopping by .. always a thrill for me when you leave comments. Joseph, so honoured you took the time to drop in ... I'd love it if you would become a regular .. Join us under 'friends'. see you soon. :o)