April 10, 2011

* Erosion Bundle ... Second Try

Before I go on about my erosion bundle, take a little trip over to Valerie's.  She has posted the multi-media piece she created from the swap we did.  It's an incredible amount of fun all on one canvas.  Now the pressure is on.  There is no moss growing under Valerie's feet!  I was thinking about putting her swap (when it arrives) in my stash ....   Enjoy ... it's a riot of colour and will rev you up for the day without your first cup of coffee. 

Decided to give it another try.  I took the BUNDLE apart, included a complete string of brightly coloured Mexican paper cuts, sprinkled everything with cinnamon, red chili pepper and parsley.  I've now sunk the entire erosion bundle into my fountain where I will leave it for another month.  At that time, I will remove it and allow it to dry out in the sun.  Then ... I'll open it up again and see if I've had better luck this time.  Thanks RHONDA for the suggestion of the paper cuts.  I really really HOPE something happens this time!


"Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. " - Unknown


  1. Hi Donna, glad you have got some new ideas for your erobun (erosion bundle) and hope it gets some effects this time. Thanks for the recommendation to visit me! I had such a fun yesterday with my painting, I will def. do some more! I hope your little parcel soon finds its way to you, and that neither the postal nor the customs services murder it! Have a great day, Hugs, Valerie

  2. Hi Donna, I see you have some changes afoot. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve! I had been wondering about the erosion bundle. I guess it's a learning process! I'm anxious to see what happens. How long will you wait??

  3. Hi Patty .. more of a learning process for me in this weather I think ... I thought between the water and the sun SOMETHING would happen. I'm going to leave it in the fountain for about a month. Then let it dry out for a couple of days and have another peek. Thanks for coming over. :o)

  4. Hi Donna, glad you didnt give up ! You keep working on that bundle...I'M SURE YOU WILL ONLY IMPROVE IT.Thanks for all the hugs and kisses and good wishes on my blog lately. I do appreciate.till next time, gerri

  5. hope soaking it in the fountain helps- that's a neat idea.
    Looks like I will be seeing you on a new blog/site soon! fun!