April 21, 2011

* A Great Mail Day

Such a great day picking up my mail.  I love days like this.  Valerie from Bastelmania and I did a swap.  It's taken a long time for her package to make the trip to Mexico ... however, well worth the wait.

I love mail art, and the box in itself is gorgeous.

Everything was wrapped beautifully in turquoise tissue paper.  

I took my time unwrapping each piece.  It is all hand made art, by Valerie!  All that work.  I LOVE it.  I think my favorite piece is the little hand made book.   Very hard to choose, however, I do love books to write in, so fell in love with the little book immediately.  A close second is the piece of collage in a frame, done especially for me.  It makes me laugh .... on the umbrella it says "Oh Shit!  It's raining" ... This will be a treasured piece of art to keep in my Studio from a blogging friend.

Does this one make you smile?  If not, better take an asprin and call me in the morning.
If a person gives you her time, she can give you no more precious gift.
Valerie -- thank you!  You did indeed give me the gift of your time when you honoured me with your hand made art.  Hugs from Mexico.


  1. More treasures -- very fortunate to have friends like Valerie. She made some outstanding projects for you. Makes you feel extra special, huh...

    Definitely worth the wait and the excitement as you unwrapped each item.

    I can relate "oh shit, it's raining" which it did all night.


  2. You are sooooooooooo welcome Donna, I'm happy if you are happy. And I really have an umbrella like that, and it sorts people into 2 groups - those than grin and those that frown and mutter. But the first group is always the biggest one! Have a great day, Hugs, Valerie

  3. What wonderful treasures! To receive such handmade art from a friend is precious. I believe handmade items hold a kind of special positive power. You will be surrounded by it.Thanks for stopping by this week. Even if we are far apart at least we can share our thoughts and art online. take care,gerri

  4. What a wonderful load of goods from Valerie! That gal just cranks out amazing every day,doesn't she!! Love the umbrella!