April 4, 2011

* Intuitive Assemblage ...

Yesterday I attended an assemblage workshop which you can read about HERE.  The piece I created came straight from my intuition .. in other words, no planning, no thinking, no wondering what comes next.  Here's a photo -- She has yet to tell me her name.

The person who made this piece likes rusty old stuff.  They like antiques and other objects which need to be rescued and fixed up.  Rust and bright colours intermingled together - the old and the new, the past, present and future, all together in one piece.  Bright colours also indicate happiness and a willingness to let go of the old and move forward to new and interesting aspects which must be learned in this lifetime.  Vibrancy is coming to the surface within this persons personality.  Likes to have fun.  Getting over the 'perfection' thing and moving forward in that arena.  The little bird at the bottom?  This person is definitely receiving life's messages.   There ........ how's that?

When I chose the tarot cards, I chose intuitively, face down, asking for the ones which would serve me well. They came to me in the following order.  Here's a synopsis of the meaning of each card, which I researched when I came home yesterday.


Nine of Pentacles - You will experience mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial profit if you choose to follow what has heart and meaning to you. Organize your life and the results will be gain, which comes as a result of unifying your wisdom with your love in a creative way which facilitates tangible gain in all areas of your life.

Recognize that you feel incomplete only because you are still seeking goals, a purpose - "inner" satisfaction. Continue to seek what you have not found and you will succeed. Complete the "work" of your self-development - have confidence in your self-discipline and patience. You are in harmony with nature around you and everything will bear its fruit in time. You are not alone now. Turn within yourself to reap the rewards of self-development. Experience your self awareness - distinguish what matters in life and what goals truly demand your best efforts. Experience the sense of certainty that comes with knowing you have made the right choices and followed them with the necessary actions - for this produces a life that is productive and alive. Success in "creating" yourself out of the material given you by the circumstances and conditions of your life - the ability to KNOW when others only guess.

Follow your goal to the end and do not allow impatience to get in the way. Materialize, manifest and realize your dreams. Harvest the fruits of your labors and prepare to plant again.

Certainty is the mark of a truly evolved person and to achieve this you have been required to give up normal companionship in order to achieve self-reliance, producing a certain loneliness in the pursuit of your goals. You have had to give up spontaneity, recklessness and wandering. If the sacrifice "appears" too great - perhaps you do not value enough the rewards of your self- development. True discipline never cripples - it allows one to soar.

You will work hard to satisfy the goals of your mind as it stretches to accommodate the universal mind. In so doing mind insists that the planes align themselves, first within themselves and then with each other. There is security of position and the ability to appreciate the benefits of good health and material success. If you so desire, a life of active leisure is possible as your personal garden of Eden is all around you. Physical well-being is protected by the power of your mind and that power is available to help others. Physical healing is possible here as an adjunct of your ability to achieve and maintain order in your Physical Plane. The conventional avenues of medicine are more common here, but other alternatives apply as well. There is good integration of your physical needs with the environment (on all levels - plant, animals and other people). There is great appreciation of nature, your actions can benefit and bring increase in the world system. Physical evidence of the work of the intellect in the form of knowledge storage.

Questions to Answer: What are you earning by your endeavors - material wealth, security, status? How are you enjoying what you have earned? How are you spending your leisure time? How do you give thanks for all that you've gained?


King of Cups - Emotional loyalty - unconditional love and commitment - the ability to give emotional comfort, support and positive regard to others. Qualities of generosity, reliability, respect - one who provides wise counseling with much empathy. A quiet spirit, filled with love that has moved beyond "ego" and vanity and offers unconditional spiritual healing and uplifting.
Your happiness is the key to being alive. Laugh, love, smile and bring pleasure to your life. Regenerate yourself and you regenerate and heal others. Achievements derived from your creativity - shape life in a way that separates you from your playful imagination. To achieve success, you discipline and even suppressed your dreams -directing all your creative powers into socially responsible achievements and confining your natural energy flow. Always trying to maintain a calm exterior may cause you to subconsciously suppress your feelings and troubled emotions. Balance of your imagination and discipline is essential now - lighten up and have some fun.

Emotional, sensitive, creative, dedicated, motivated, sensual/sexy - tender, soothing, loving. Ruled by the drive of necessity. Involved with family/friends/fellow workers - frequently the heart of the group. Confident, involved in the arts. Healer by example and by touch. Faith is love, centered on the one God.

Questions to Answer: What feelings are you keeping under firm control? In what ways are you a care-giver or counselor? Who cares for you deeply? How have you established yourself creatively?


Knight of Pentacles - Set achievable goals - attain your goals and be inspired. Increase and progress - always build off of each achievement and utilize your resources. Recognize that taking responsibility for your actions brings out your practical qualities - but at the same time, it is a denial of your natural desire for adventure, which narrows and distorts your attitude toward life. In dedicating yourself to purely practical matters - you cut yourself off from the deeper meanings of life. You will soon begin to feel trapped as your sense of security "seems" threatened by these conflicting desires. You wish to build solid and abundant structures - yet, at the same time, you experience a great need to move on.

It is always difficult to make a decision when everything "appears" secure. Trust that hidden horizons will always be expanded and do not to resist when the higher consciousness motivates you to better things. You are the builder of new forms and have the ability to recreate structures. Your energy is thorough, takes the time to do a good job, is trustworthy and will not experiment outside its goal. You are dynamic, youthful, love activity and have empathy with those less fortunate. Come to know the source and meaning of your strength in life - prepare yourself to face the unknown. Do or teach what you have accomplished and use your knowledge for a more constructive purpose. Reward yourself with your successes, but never be satisfied - continue to build and grow - see the future.
Dependable, resourceful, can-doer. Watchful, good instincts, good physical leader, ruled by the drive for expansion. Good brother/sister loyalty. Protective, sense of duty, loyalty, service to leader, then to cause. Practical, physically active, athletic. Outdoor and nature activities. Physical movement, physical change agent. Trade representative. The mental, expansive side of things physical. Physical training and craft apprenticeship, physical growth and physical additions. New resources. New capital. In romantic situations - someone younger than you.

Questions to Answer: Who is stable and reliably there for you? Who is committed to security and conventions? How is it going at work or on a project? What needs of your body or Mother Earth are you sensitive to?

Interesting ... don't you think?  For those of you who really know who I am, where I've come from, and where I'm headed, I'm sure you will say with me and for me "HOLY CRAP!".  This is pretty much right on.  I'm once again amazed.  My intuition never fails me.  I simply have to let go and trust it.

Hope you are all making yourselves an absolutely wonderful day!

Spirituality has many paths. I use tarot to help me be intuitive.
~ mzoltarp


  1. Unbelievable....as I read the tarot cards I did say Holy Crap this is about Donna!You are following your heart, you give unconditional love and support(To me and other bloggers) and you set and achieves goals(moving to Mexico). The piece you created is great too.love all the antique messy stuff, Ill have to try that...take care, gerri

  2. OH MY GOSH -- you have done it again and the cards prove it!

    I have never met a person who was willing to give up all material items and local friends to move to a new country and start fresh. You are driven by your self awareness and desire to fill the voids left from painful, undesirable experiences or to find the missing links for a happy life. Your worldly knowledge and travel experiences have set the groundwork to build and create. Your many, many friends are your support structure. You are definitely a warm, caring and loving person who radiates these attributes to all who you touch. Your casa is your castle on high where you will find peace and self satisfaction and your art is an instrument for success.

    Your found object piece is stunning and another creation on your road to a happy life. It even looks happy.

    Love hugs,

  3. Hi Gerri and Carolyn. Such wonderful comments, both of you! I thank you for coming here on a regular basis .. it is always my pleasure to hear from you. Love and support comes to me in such incredibly surprising ways ... like the two of you a million miles away, and yet here 'with' me in so many ways. How can I thank you. I am honoured. Hugs, Donna

  4. Hi Donna, I love your piece from yesterday. Now, it is really a pity that it wouldn't fit into one of our envelopes. I loved reading your explanations of the tarot cards, and it really does seem to have been written with you in mind!
    Have a nice afternoon / evening - I dodn't know what time it is over there. Hugs, Valerie