April 15, 2011

* Mini Books for Leena's Swap

No more 'snow birds' from north of the border ... so I got down to some creating today.  This morning that is.  At the moment (5.00 pm) you could fry eggs on my terrace, and frankly I have given up trying to move except to spritz Habibi and myself with some soothing cool water.  Our only hope is to survive until the sun goes down! :o)

I added some embellishments and more stamps on the first little book and it's complete. 

The second book, I think I like better because it is at least somewhat 'useful'.  It's called 'Notes to Myself'.  In each pocket I have placed a tag.  Each one has a title for a list you may wish to make.  i.e., Ten Things That Make Me Happy,  Ten Things I Treasure, Ten Things I Want to Give Away, Ten Things I Want to do I have Never Done Before, Ten Places I Want to Go, etc. etc.  Just a little more interactive and a little more fun.  Also places you can write more notes.  

I made the book out of envelopes, however, being in Mexico, I didn't have the proper size envelopes.  The flaps on the inside of the book are imobile because of this.  

A third book for the swap?  I think so ... If I can just get through this heat wave!  Don't laugh at my quote today --- this heat makes my brain go a 'little funny'.  

If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back? Steven Wright


  1. Your books are BEAUTIFUL Donna, love them. Well done on getting them done in spite of the heat wave. And, no, I think I wouldn't wave back! I might wave goodbye, though, when it's over! Keep cool, and don't do too much in that heat, except, perhaps, to send a little of it this way....Have a lovely weekend! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Gorgeous books. I love the first envelop one the best.You should do more of them . Have fun resting now that the snowbirds have left. thanks for the kind words today.take care, sweetie.gerri

  3. These are so inspiring... love all the wonderful color.

  4. Absolutely fabulous photos for these beautiful books you made, Donna!! I could only take so many for the swaps blog so these really allow people to see more! Thank you. xo lenna