April 19, 2011

* Mix and Match EXPERIMENT

Playing with earrings.  I'm not a 'matchie poo poo' kind of girl, so with that in mind I have set out to make some mix and match Day of the Dead earrings.  You can have two the same, or you can have a different kind in each ear (which I personally think is FUN).

I have everything I need except the sterling ear wires.  I only had two pair - so have used them to experiment.  I just think it's worth it to use sterling ... so many allergies out there these days.  So here is my first attempt.  Not thrilled ... however, I'll keep going.  I'm using good material - Swarovski crystal, Tibetan silver, and glass pearls.  Even when I continue, I'm not sure any two will turn out the same.

I have never ventured into the realm of jewelry before.  Now I would like to experiment for awhile and see what I can come up with.  I wanted to do Day of the Dead, because I'm in Mexico.  Ideas seem to be expanding.  These are my first attempts.  Already there are necklaces floating in my head.  When something calls me .... I'd better get on my bicycle and peddle.  I never know where I might end up, and it's always fun getting there.  Let me know what you think, 'cause I'm not sure where I'm headed with this one.

When I finished those, even though I'm still waiting for the silver wires, these little birdies began singing to me.  They swivel and move.

I'll think about what to do to keep myself amused tomorrow.  (Shades of Miss Scarlet)


  1. They are all wonderful Donna, and they look so good displayed on theat lovely glass! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Hi Donna,
    I'm back...can't believe what all you have accomplished and the places you have been...and the guests and friends you have enjoyed in such a short time.

    Love your earrings -- ALL OF THEM. I've come to the conclusion there isn't anything you can't do.

    Your new blog says it all.... DONNA DID IT and she did it perfectly. Your tiny books for the swap are terrific and the recipients will be thrilled.

    I also love the new photos you took this past week. Just gorgeous. If you keep posting these beautiful photos, San Miguel's population will grow substantially and every one of your friends will book a visit.

    Raining here again so yard work is on hold for another day.

    Stay well, cool and be creative to inspire all of us.


  3. Hi U2 ... thanks so much for dropping by ... Carolyn, I have MISSED YOU, and am so happy you and your computer are back! Thanks for all your loveliness ... you always give me such a boost. Sending big hugs to Idaho! xxDonna

  4. So wonderful ...love the birdie ones and the blue glass pitcher. Guess you could servr up alot of margaritas in that.LOL take care, gerri