April 1, 2011

* My Erosion Bundle

As you may know, I wrapped up some interesting 'stuff' in January and hung it out in my tree as part of the The Erosion Bundle Project.  Three months have passed.  We have had no rain and I must say, in that department, I have helped my little bundle by wetting it down thoroughly every now and then.  Yesterday, I thought I would give it one more really good soak.  Weighing it down with stones, I left it in the fountain all night. 

Late this morning, I freed it from the weight of the rocks and allowed it to drip dry in the tree again.  A couple of days should do it.  Then I will take it down, open it, and see what has happened to the contents inside.  I think any art which results from the contents must be posted by August.  Something should evolve in my wee brain by then, don't you think????

My bottle brush tree is doing it's best to make a comeback.  We will see.  Nature is a wonderful thing.  Some blooms have come out, which has delighted the neighbourhood hummingbirds.  This particular tree blooms fabulous red blooms before the leaves appear.  I will hope for the best.  She was awfully stressed when they installed the drainage system around her.  

The last week has been chaos at Quinta de Luz.  Hombres everywhere.  The tiling in the bano upstairs is finished.  The plumbing is finished.  The electrical is complete.  The painting and touch ups are almost finished.  Probably one more day in that arena.  Both fireplaces are working.  The terrace upstairs has been stained and sealed.  The 'punch' list has dwindled to almost nil.  The blacksmith is about all that is left.  Replace some of the screens, adjust some locks and install all the railings.  This will happen over the next two weeks.  (Believe me it had better happen over the next two weeks!)

Today, window protection was installed on the big upstairs window facing the terrace, the curtain rods are all made and up, the skylight at the top of the stairs is finished!  This will allow me a lovely storage space just outside the studio for everything necessary to create.  Although ... I am thinking ... if I didn't need the storage space so badly, it would be a heavenly space for a 6 ft. claw foot soaker tub (if I could find one here).

Monday the stairs have to be painted and touch ups done for the plaster etc. where installations were made.  THEN ... I can get my studio organized and get down to business!  Such an incredible thought ... no workers, no construction dust, so hammering and banging, no hombres ... gosh, I wonder if I will miss it!  The thought has occurred to me.  I could actually be lonely!  .... for about five minutes.  he he

 “A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.” Scott Allen


  1. Hi Donna! Your erosion bundle has got me very intrigued. What did you put in it? And what will you do with it? The work on your lovely house seems to be coming to a close, and I think you will be happy to be rid of the dust and dirt. How nice to have a studio to work in! I work in my kitchen, but somehow I seem to spread my clutter through the whole appartment. I could do with another room or 2 or 3....
    I don't think the mirrow will fit into the envelope, we will see what does fit, though! Have a lovel weekend, Hugs from sunny & warm - oh wonder! - Kaiserswerth,

  2. Hi Chica ... I'm going to be opening my erosion bundle in a few days. Keep your eyes peeled. :o)

  3. Hi Donna, I cant wait to see how the bundle turns out...the art you make with it will be a plus.LOL. Ill have to try this and see what happens. Sounds like alot of activity is happening around you.Take time to catch your breath.take care, gerri

  4. Donna, your lovely pakage of mexican goodies arrived. Thank you so much! Now look for an interesting pink "Donna" card coming from me!

  5. Hi Wanda. YEAH! I mailed TWO envelopes this time - I thought perhaps the one which got lost was toooo FAT for post office rules. Let me know when you receive the other. Can't wait for the PINK. hugs from Mexico.