April 17, 2011

* Wrap 'em up and Ship 'em out ...

I packaged up the books for Leena's swap today.  They asked to be wrapped 'special'.  I had fun finding the right piece of material for the right book and hopefully making them look a little intriguing.  I made a special card for Leena to say Thanks for all the work she does to make these swaps a resounding success.  They will be off by Fed Ex this week.

Leena loves mail art, so I made her a very Mexican envelope.

“Done is better than perfect" . Scott Allen


  1. They look great, all dressed up and ready to go out! Lovely packaging. Love your new blog look, too! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love how you wrapped these- so beautiful. It really is the little things and if I recieved something wrapped like this it would make it that much more special!
    I love your new blog- it looks really great! Better change the link on my blogroll.

  3. Hey Donna, First I must say I love the look of your (new) blog. It is so light and airy...like you. You can see your marvelous creations so much better.I do like the wrapping of todays post. My mom always said to remember that the wrapping is part of yoyr gift....and you certainly did. Thanks for your lovely comments this week on my footed box. take care, gerri

  4. Donna, I had so much fun reading all three posts you wrote about making your little books for the swap I'm hosting. The extra details on your books are making it so enriching for the participants, plus I love your stories and your quotes!!! It is really so great to see photos of all your pages here. You are getting a rave response on the swaps blog too!!