May 26, 2011

* Can't stop playing with Jewelry ... This is my 475th post!!

At least for a few days.  I seem to need variety these days, although I could do with a long project as well.  Today as I rummaged through my bits and pieces, I chose a broach as the centerpiece of a necklace.  It evolved from there, taking it's own twists and turns.  My main issues are I don't have the proper findings to work with.  I know so little about what I really 'need', I ordered wrong material (jump rings too light weight), or neglected or order material all together (clasps).  Frustration sets in.  Can't finish project.  Findings north of the border.  I simply have to settle down and get used to it now don't I.

I'm finding what appeals to me about this type of jewelry is putting the old with the new, placing the worn out with the sparkles, putting the casual with the dressy.  Old bone buttons, Swarovski crystals and prominent wire please me.  So many combinations which makes it very interesting and visually stimulating.  If I go with the premise nothing has to 'match', it literally frees up my imagination to invent anything.

Here's what happened today:

I'll have to order some kinds of clasps for my stash.

The earring in the middle is a MOP (mother of pearl).  It has a metal shank.  I think it's beautiful in this plain and simple form.
By itself, it's exquisite.  (Sometimes we need to be by ourselves to be exquisite.)  I was able to leave the shank and simply glue it on to a finding with E6000, which means it could, if necessary, be used again.

Does it fascinate you as well?  Where did these pieces originate?  What was their original purpose.  Who wore them .. where have they been .. how did they get here???  Intrigues me no end.  I guess that's one reason I love old things so much.  There is a history and a mystery.  I can ponder all that while I'm holding them in my hands creating something new, yet again.

The least excuse to celebrate, and I'm right there.  Within the next month or so, I will be reaching my 500TH post.  Incredible, since I secretly thought I would never make it the first month.  To celebrate, there will be a little giveaway.  Nothing LARGE I'm afraid.  Without using FedEx out of Mexico, I can send 13 oz. in a flat envelope.  Those will be the parameters.  Ephemera, Mexico stuff, whatever goodies I can dream up.  Don't worry, I'll make it interesting.  Hope you will join in.  I'll keep you posted, (no pun intended ...).

Oh by the way ... how many of you take photographs of your work to use as a critique?  I do it all the time when I'm painting, and have accidentally  noticed it is very useful for everything else as well.  If there is something I don't like which I didn't notice, I get it first time I look at the photo.  I reworked my bamboo earrings, because when I looked at the photograph, I realized how much the bird earring needed another pearl at the bottom.  Makes all the difference.  Life is in the detail.  Love it.

see what I mean?
  Here's a cool thought ..

Everything in creation has its appointed painter or poet and remains in bondage like the princess in the fairy tale ’til its appropriate liberator comes to set it free.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Taking photos while you are working is important, once I have seen the things on my computer screen, I van see what still needs doing or altering. Your button earrings are beautiful, simple and very elegant. Good idea reusing the old jewelry to create new, too. We have the same post restrictions here, 500gms perenvelope - after that it's a parcel, and then they take astronomical amounts! Havea great day, don't overdo it while it is so hot! Hugs,

  2. Donna, your jewelry using old and new is the current trend here in the USA. My friends who make jewelry make incredible pieces just like you are creating.

    Your bamboo earrings are really cool. If I can pick up supplies, let me know. It might be more reasonable for me to mail them than to pay a flat shipping charge for small items.

    It's raining again today so I will work on in my craft room and re-pot more house plants.


  3. Hi Carolyn .. yes when I began to do a little research, I realized it was a hot commodity. I still want to do it. I'd love to see some photos on their work -- do you think they might send me some? Glad you are in your play room.

    Valerie .. hope you didn't freak your postal lady out toooo much ... although a little zip in here life can't be a bad thing. ;o)

    Thanks for dropping by Ladies ... love to see you here.

  4. Beautiful jewellery, love the gorgeous elements and the perfect construction of your old and new designs, well done


  5. Wow you have been busy. Love the necklace with the shiny crystal and tarnished metal. Great combo. Also love all your earrings. Each one unique. Never used a photo to critique.... will have to try it! Thanks for visiting my Paris painting today. take care dearie, gerri

  6. Oh Congrats on almost reaching 500 posts..great accomplishment.

  7. happy 475th!! I LoVe your new necklace. Mixing the old with the new gives such a nice feeling! (and color). The central leafy swirly piece grabs my eye. Of course I love the new button earrings!!! I have been wearing mine constantly. xoxo lenna

  8. What great pieces, Donna--you shouldn't stop playing with jewelry! Keep at it!!