May 30, 2011

* Crayons and Other Fun Stuff

What would we all do without our toys!  The thought makes me shudder .. he he.  It was a milestone day for my stash ... my water colour crayons arrived in the mail.  I am so excited.  I purchased the same set you spoke about on your blog Lenna.   I think you bought a set as well.  (I want to be just like you when I grow up ... ha ha)  The entire box looks good enough to eat.

Also registered for The Sketchbook Project 2012 today.  I know Valerie is going to be part of it.  Who else that I know and love???  It will be fun to be in this together and able to compare notes.  It was so challenging to choose a theme.  I finally decided upon "Travel With Me".  I felt I could go anywhere with that in my imagination and it would not necessarily have to be about 'trips'.  After all, our imaginations can and do 'travel' to some amazing places.  So I'm happy with that.  It will be fun when the web site is up and running.  I'm looking forward to it.

Spent the day doing errands, getting groceries ... all the usual suspects.  This afternoon I caught up on some mail art and a couple of swaps I am involved in.  

I'm finding postcards very amusing to create!

That was my day in a nutshell.  Tomorrow, Wendy is coming over and we are going to make Nicho's. When we get hungry we are going out for a fish dinner.  YUM.

Take care of yourselves.  Thank you for dropping by for a visit, my lovelies.

"Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you - all of the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you are." - Rachel Naomi Remen


  1. Love all the colourful things you made yseterday, you were a lot busier than I was. I started reading on the couch in the afternoon and it turned into such a wonderful sleep! Glad you have signed up too, I think that project will be fun, big fun! Have a nice time today making nichos with your friend, going out for something to eat afterwards sounds great, too! Take care, Hugs from the cold and damp! Valerie

  2. good quote, donna. I love the quotes you add . . . i think you know I am a "quote girl" too! I took the one you posted by martha Graham to Agnes DeMille, printed it out on pretty paper & hung it on my wall!

    The crayons are YUM -I think you will love using them. I did get the exact same set on sale at jerry's artarama. Your sketchbook theme is perfect for you! I am still considering . . . . but will definitely be participating.

    I think a visit with your friend wendy sounds grand, have fun! lenna

  3. p.s. I forgot to say, super mail Art!!! you have been very busy and creative : ))

  4. I spent all day yesterday creating, Donna...mail art postcards (love making them!) and then blueberry jam, then made oatmeal bars with some of the jam layered in the middle...delish! Love your mail art and the "letting go" quote...don't we just have to continually let go?! Smiles, Jane

  5. Ha, I love the first picture, and of course I love the shoes as well. Great art m'lady.

    A visit with friends will do you good, I am sure of it. Have fun (whatever you do).

  6. Yes thos watercolor crayons do look good enough to eat. yummy!Let me know if u like them, Ive been thinking of getting some. Love all your mail art today. Cant believe the variety you come up with. Also thanks for your wonderful comments, you are always so supportive. take care dearie, gerri