May 11, 2011

* Day 3 - Remains of the Day

I can't believe it!  My journal is ready to bind ... except for a few last minute decisions.  I think I have too many pages for the spine I made (will have to make another journal) ... and I'm still not sure I have enough space in which to write.  Sewing in more blank pages on which to write seems to be a priority for me.  I realized today, while I was working on this .... it's certainly not a 'morning pages' kind of journal.  One in which you just ramble on.  It seems to me, this journal is for a specific function, occasion or event.  It would make a fabulous travel journal for a couple of weeks trip.  A great place to keep memories of planning an event, the event itself, or perhaps some genealogy.

Having realized this, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with mine.  I'm a writer ... when I get going, there is no stopping me.  This journal will not do for that.  Have any of you read or done "The Artist's Way".  If you have, you will be familiar with Artist's Dates.  I think that's what I'm going to use mine for.  It would be an inspiring place to keep track of my Artist's Dates and write about creativity.  Wonderful place for jotting down ideas, thoughts and dreams.  Good plan.

Interesting also is that I wanted the cover to be really shabby.  When I picked up the Sari material, shabby seemed to go out the window, and I found myself wanting to turn under the hems by hand and sew carefully.  (Yes, I brought my Sari stash with me.)  Don't worry, I refrained!  It is as shabby as I could make it, considering I was dreaming of attending an Indian wedding at the Raj's palace in Rajasthan!  Believe me, there was nothing shabby about that wedding!

So, here's what I accomplished today.

I chose the Sari Material from my stash.  Shabby?  There were elephants at the wedding fully dressed!  Wearing Crowns!  I was riding one.   There was NOTHING shabby about it!

This is as shabby as I could get.  My sewing machine and I are getting to know each other.  Broke a needle on all those beads and sequins.  Lucky, I had another.  Note to self:  order in back up supplies from NOB (north of the border).
Too many pages?
I do think there are too many pages.  More than the 1/2 inch spine can handle for this time.  I will have to make some decisions about what I want in this journal.  ALSO ... and this is BIG!  I have an awl and some linen thread SOMEWHERE.  WHERE?  Who knows.  I'm asking for the patience faeries tonight to I can calmly look for these tools manana.

I hope you, Nancy and you Lenna, are having fun already.  If not having actually started ... dreaming about it in your heads.  Can't wait to see what you are both up to.

It's 9:00 pm.  It's 28 degrees C.  I just gave Habibi a bath.  You would think it's the middle of winter in Canada.  He's the one who loves to lie flat out in the sun.  Tonight, he's the little white dot under all those towels.

“Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.” Barbara De Angelis


  1. Yoohoo, Blogger is working again! I think I said everything in my mail, but once again, love what you have made! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Those fabrics are drool-worthy! This is looking gorgeous. Had to chuckel at your solution to too many pages... just make another journal. Of course! My paper pattern is ready, but I'm still colleting papers for the pages. Like you, I enjoy writing. But when it comes to journals, I seem to have little to say. So I was wondering what to do with the journal. But it won't stop me making it...I mean them! I enjoy watching yours unfold.

  3. Fabulous art and colors and journal! I love your blog...I am Patty's friend (from Poetry Cafe blog) and I've been reading your blog. You are such an open spirit...jane

  4. Hi Jane .. thanks so much for dropping over to visit. It's lovely to have you here. I will pop in and explore your blog later today when I have a minute.

  5. Hi Jane ... I hope you get this comment. I can't find your blog link .. even on the web. Would you be so kind as to send me the link? Thanks. Donna