May 10, 2011

* Day Two - Remains of the Day and some Mail Art

I went out for supplies today.  Thread, pins, transparencies, paper clips ... I think I'm stocked up and ready to rock now.  I'm getting comfortable with my new sewing machine and when I came home from my errands was keen to get back to my journal.

It's the 'hunting and gathering' which takes the time.  Finding those things I wish to be part of my first journal.  I am driven though .. it's addictive.  Worked until 8:00 pm and didn't really want to stop .. except I couldn't think straight any more.

A nice stack of pages is developing.  I'm at the stage where I want to add little collage elements.  More hunting and gathering involved.  I also want to make sure there is actually enough space to journal ... when I get going I can write for a long time.  Here is a photo of where I am at the moment.

The cover (I think) is going to be the page with the pears on it.  I printed out a copy of a photograph of two pears I did in oil pastels ... it's a little perhaps too orchestrated .. however, that's the way it goes on my first attempt.  I seem to be driven to keep going.  Worked half the day today .. well into the evening.  We will see what happens tomorrow.

Some mail art photos for you as well.  I do have fun corresponding with people I don't know (and am getting to know).  Many of the interesting things they send me are making their way into this journal.

“Nothing is more exciting and bonding in relationships than creating together” Stephen R. Covey


  1. Your journal is looking VERY exciting, no wonder you don't want to stop! It looks like it will be a mammoth project! And your mail art envelopes are wonderful. My post lady looked extremely insulted again yesterday, but refrained from speaking to me! Have a great day, Donna, and remember to get enough rest, take ood care of yourself! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I can see that you are on a roll. You've got such great art. I love it.

  3. I cant wait to see how this journal turns out, but truthfully I love the journey of its creation and its meaning to you. Thanks for lovin my lasso cowgirl, I think she captured my heart too. take care, gerri

  4. Your remains of the day documentation is a real inspiration to me, Donna. As I said, I have registered for the class but have not dived in yet . . . . oh, the hunting & gathering!!! That is one of my favorite parts about creating! xo lenna

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm excited about your journal and not even participating in the class. See what you do to us?

    It is fun when you transfer your anticipation and creative talents to us via your blog. It will really be fun to follow along and see the results, day by day.

    Love the beautiful cover!