May 16, 2011

* Erosion Bundle Project ... Second Try

Second reveal of my Erosion Bundle.   As some of you are aware, after hanging my erosion bundle in a tree for over three months, there was little change to the material inside.  Determined as I am, I re- wrapped the bundle (not so tight this time) and sprinkled it liberally with parsley, chile powder and some other spice ... thinking the colour from the spices would bleed into the contents of the bundle while under water.  Over a month later,  I retrieved my package from its watery abode and hung it once more in the tree to dry.  Today, I took it apart.

I just cannot comprehend the fact over a month under water had little effect!  That amazes me.  I thought it would produce mold, I thought it would deteriorate paper and colour would run in the fabric.  I thought it would produce more rust from the metal which would drip down into the contents.  I am once again disappointed with the results.  I mean ... really!  The velvet didn't even fade ... boo hoo. 

Absolutely nothing faded or ran or changed in any way!  Amazing.

A little mold, a little rust, the copper tags changed colour.  That's it.  Look at the little white tag .... not even shrunk.  And the ribbon!  Let's wrap a present ...

Maps are still clear as a bell ... what happened to colours that run?  When you don't want them to they have no problem doing it.

The watch could probably be repaired .. stamps used, the little dolls at the bottom put back on the shelf.  SHEEeeeesh!
All in all it's been a learning experience.  It takes a lot to change the content of an erosion bundle.  Next year ... I will, wrap it very loose, use very thin wrapping material, place a ton of organic product in with the contents, and perhaps place it in a variety of different places where it would be exposed to different conditions.  I might have to leave it longer than three months.  Perhaps here in Mexico, there is not enough change in the weather to cause much damage to the content.  Don't you think over a month in the fountain would have done something though?  Clearly a different approach is required.

For those of you who have your own erosion bundles and have had some success, I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions.  Thanks.

For all of you ... I love it when you come to visit.  Thank You.

Great art picks up where nature ends.  ~ Marc Chagall  (so I guess I'll have to try and make something out of this 'stuff.  It will be interesting :o)


  1. How strange that almost nothing has happened. It could really be that the climate is not so suitable. Here things go mouldy very quickly, because it is always rather damp. I am going to try an erosion bundle on my balcony and see what happens. I think you need to put in lots of coffee and tea and potato peelings. Have a nice day, and take care, hugs, Valerie

  2. Good plan about the coffee, tea and potato peelings. The coffee and tea would give great colour. Next time .. Thanks for coming for a visit. Next time, let me know you are here, I will put on the kettle. :o)

  3. Hi Donna! So sorry about the bundle, but as you said, a learning experience and not only for you but for us as well! One of these days I will try it. I would likely have the same problem though as our weather is so temperate and unchanging.

    So loving everything here in Taos and can't believe we are already packing today for an early departure and long drive tomorrow morning.

    Don't know if you noticed, but I signed up for the postcard swap!!

    Hugs from New Mexico to Old Mexico....Patty

  4. Hi Patty .. as they say, time flies when you're havin' fun. Glad you are enjoying your trip. Yes, I noticed you signed up for the swap which is great. You will have so many photos to choose from. Safe trip home. Thanks so much for stopping by .. wish it could be in person.

  5. Maybe next time you need to capture one of Mexico's strong suits. The sun!
    Exposure exposure exposure!
    Sounds like you are going to have to dig deep in creativity this summer....but I bet something great comes out of this :)

  6. Hi again Chris. Thanks for dropping in. The first 3 months of this - the bundle hung in a tree in the 'direct sun'! Nothing faded ... I couldn't believe it. I hosed it down regularly with water hoping .. hoping ... ahhh ... it will be fun to work with anyway. Next year, a different approach. Always fun to have something to look forward to.

  7. Hey Donna,
    I was just doing some tea-dying last night at home. I love the effect of tea, coffee, berries, beets, etc. on paper. The paper takes on a deeper, richer feel.
    I loved looking at all of your materials anyway! Boil up a beet and see what happens!
    Patty and I live within 5 miles of each other, you can visit us anytime!

  8. Donna, I have never done this project myself, but I just read about a few of them that had been done. I think about half of them said at one time or another they opened their bundle to find little changes. Some thought they packed their items too tight. I would say a little more time eroding would probably make a difference, maybe 6 months or longer? I remember someone burying their bundle in the dirt, maybe that is an idea.

    I did not see your bundle when you started it, but when I looked at the photos of you opening it now, it looked more aged to me than you thought it did. Perhaps try different things inside the bundle and after soaking it, burying it in the dirt. Or hanging it in the sun for months after soaking it. Maybe a burlap or open weave type fabric as the covering? Well! I am sure you will enjoy working with your slightly eroded items and make some fabulous things!! lenna

  9. What a surprise! You're right... when you are seeking the results, they elude you. Other times things run, bleed, age, fray and do all sorts of things you DON'T want them to. My vote is with coffee grounds and tea bags, an maybe some rusty metal bits, enclosed in your next bundle. And maybe tea or coffee dye some of these in your current bundle to add to the small amount of erosion you got?

  10. Hi everyone! Thanks for all the great suggestions. Yes, I will use this material in some way .. and yes I may enhance it with some tea, coffee, or other form of natural aging. Next time ... it will be even more fun to experiment because I now know more. Thanks for coming for a visit! take care, Donna

  11. Hello Lady D, I am just popping over to say hello.Erosion bundle? Hmm, I am learning something new here. Very neat.

  12. Wow, I can't believe nothing happened...again! Maybe Ill try this, but I dont have a beautiful fountain to put it in like you!Thanks for yr sweet words on my tag today. till tomorrow, keep trying. take care, gerri

  13. Donna, poor a Pepsi or Coke on your bundle and leave it in the sun for a few days. Something surely has to make your stash corrode a bit.

    By the way, the gals at club fell in love with my "donna did it" earrings. One of the gals was telling me about her folks visit to San Miguel and how much they enjoyed the central area and the beautiful churches.

    Luckily, I got home wearing both earrings. Can't be too careful around my arty friends.


  14. Wow Donna! Wonderful photos of your bundle! You have been so busy these days. I really like those tags you've done too. You're on a creative roll!!! xo

  15. Hi Donna,
    No matter how much we believe that we live in a consumer bubble that says, "use it once and throw it away", almost everything is designed to last. I have no advice for you because my own bundle, Erosion Cube, with all components directly exposed to the elements - inclucing a horrible Central New York winter - barely changed a thing. Even now, as I look at it, sitting on the windowsill, immersed in water, inside the blender, little has changed even now. I will admit that the water itself has turned a wonderful color, almost like a weak tea. Anyway, it's all destined for the papermakers frame and deckle in a few weeks ... Happy Summer!

  16. I found the less in my bundles the more they showed efects.But I did liberally sprinkle in coffee, loose tea, balsamic vinegar, onions rings and outer leaves too, in between payers as well in the centre.
    Plus I put less paper in now I think of it, but dont give in.......its the serendipity of the process we are chasing anyway lol