May 3, 2011

* GIVEAWAY Takes Place Manana ...

A quick reminder for all those who are tuned in for the earring giveaway.  TOMORROW is the day.

For those of you who would like to review the procedure, please have a peek HERE.  You can also see some of my earring designs on this page.  The winner will receive a 'surprise package'.  Please, please join in the fun.  It's my first ever giveaway, and I'm excited. :o)

Quinta de Luz (House of Light) is officially complete.  The last of the railings have been installed.  It will take me a little while to get used to now having workers here every day.

So much easier to go up and down!
It has that 'finished' look now.

The weather is cool tonight ... such a relief.  I am sleeping under a blanket!  Habibi is back on the bed with me and there is an incredible soft cool breeze coming in to keep us company.  All is well with my world.  :o)
“Done is better than perfect.” ~ Scott Allen


  1. Congrats on getting it finished Donna. It was a mammoth, Herculean task which you have carried out with bravour. I am sure you will soon stop missing your workmen, though! It looks so lovely, and you have a place where you will always be in the light. That really is something. Hugs, Valerie

  2. I just love the colours, it's beautiful. It's been such a journey, I can't wait to see every inch of it when it's all complete.

  3. What a good feeling to have the work complete. It's your quiet light-filled home now. The railing will give you that good secure feeling while up and downing. Wonderful.

  4. Donna, the black railings against the blue is stunning. I am so in love with the colors you selected throughout. I'm not that brave at all and we have lived in an off white interior our entire lives. One of these days I'm going to paint one small room a different color. Perhaps if I do it upstairs Jim will never notice.

    Your little patio by the entry looks so inviting. To me Quinta de la Luz looks magnificent.