May 23, 2011

* Hanging "When I Was Three", More Mail Art and some Earrings

It's 1:13 AM.  Impossible to sleep in this heat .. at least for me.  The temperature is still 75 degrees F outside, and I would say hotter inside because of my west facing exposure.  (who knew!)  Ah well, that's life .. I will have a nap manana.  

It was lovely to open my comment box and find all your wonderful, supportive notes and suggestions about hanging When I Was Three as well as all the loveliness you always leave in your wake.  :o)  All great ideas.  I used no mas claves (no more nails) glue to adhere the ruler and material on to the metal piece, however, then there was the issue of something to actually hang it from onto the wall.  I rooted around (Valerie would say in her hall closet) ... I say EVERYWHERE (because I'm still so unorganized) ... and found some little plastic hangers which you use to hang twinkle lights from.  I glued four of those to the back of the ruler, ran some ribbon through them and IT WORKED.  Here's a better photo than yesterday, without me clinging to it in front of a computer screen!

By the way, Gerri, I did check out the  crop a dial.  Looks fantastic.  My only concern is perhaps I would not be able to purchase grommets here which would fit the machine.  I'll have to check it out.

Then I moved on to mail art.  I'm a little behind in that department.  Had fun today, writing a few letters and decorating a couple of envelopes.

OK, so that was that.  I took a break, had a late lunch, tried to occupy myself.  Honestly, I'm so restless these days.  Anyone else?  Is it Spring Fever?  So, up to the Studio I went and worked on some earrings.  

Put some rhinestones in for eyes this time.

You may remember the metal filigree balls I found at the market.  This is one of them.  They are light as feathers and I think might make some nice earrings.  Experimenting at the moment.
“There comes a time in your life when you realize who will always matter, who does matter, and who never did. So don’t worry about people from your past, there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.” – Unknown


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful! I am rather frustrated this morning, having issues with blogger, it keeps asking me to sign in again and again andagain- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! I'll mail you later when I have cooled off a bit! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Sleep-deprived and yet creatively productive! Way to go. The bird earrings really caught my eye especially. And good resolution on hanging the "Three" piece. So much to look at in a small space. Mail art- exciting. Busy you. Get a nap.

  3. So many wonderful things to see today. I do love yr earrings and the mail art was fun!Glad we could be of service with our comments. LOL. thanks for visiting today. take care, gerri

  4. Love your Mail Art, Donna, those envelopes are just delightful!