May 1, 2011

* Happiness Is ....

A Royal Wedding in London!  When I saw my first crown, I fell in love with the Royals.  It was 1953.  It was the year of Queen Elizabeth's coronation.  I was almost six years old.  We purchased our very first television for the occasion.  I was glued.  I new every word, and every movement by the time it was over.  I discovered, that day, I could speak with an English accent.  I remember sitting under the kitchen table repeating every word of the Queens Speech I could remember.  Not only did I drive everyone around the bend with the Queen's Speech, I was fascinated and mesmerized by the accent and kept it up for days.  It's never left me ... my love and fascination for the Royals and this history, and my gift and ear for accents.  Both have given me many hours of pleasure and fun over the years.

Royal scrapbooks were a delightful hobby for me when I was a child.  I kept every scrap of paper I could find and carefully glued it into the pink pages of my very ordinary scrapbook.  I don't have that book anymore.  I wish I did.  I kept tabs on the Royals movements ... saved photos and clippings of Anne and Charlie as they grew up. I didn't keep up so much with Andrew and Edward until they got older.  That was really their 'second' family.    When I lived in London in the late 60's I was privileged to attend the Trouping of the Colour.  At that time, the Queen rode the beautiful black horse which was a gift from Canada.  I attended Ascot, in my Hat of course, and was very close to the entire Royal Family who, as you know, are very keen on horses.  My parents were invited to one of the Queen's Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace when they visited me in London.  I was crushed I was not included in the invitation!

William and Kate are simply an extension of my life long interest in the history of the Royal Family. My interest actually extends to the Royals of the world ... an integral part and often a horrendous part of the history and make-up of a country. It's certainly not all 'pretty'.  The history of the Russian Tzars for instance is an incredible one.  And so, for this latest event in the life of the British Royal Family, I gathered together a 13" TV, snuggled into bed, propped up on tons of pillows, a box of tissues by my side, dabbing my eyes at the least little thing that brought back a memory.  Watching those incredible horses lead the way down the Mall is always a show stopper for me.  In London, I used to walk the Mall, watching the horse guards change and go back to the stables.  In those days you could go to the stables and watch them take care of those beautiful animals ... Ah ... such great memories.

So ... here's to William and Kate.  I wish them the best.  Being Royal is not an easy destiny to be born to.  I do not envy them their position.  I am, however, still fascinated by the whole subject,  and will be for the rest of my life.

My friend, Wendy, attended a Wedding Breakfast at one of the local establishments.  I simply was not up to it.   On her way home, she dropped in, armed with books on the Royals for me to peruse.  She had fun ... you can tell from this photo.

All day I think about it, then at night I say it. Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? I have no idea. My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there. ~ Rumi


  1. Glad you enjoyed the day so much! i watched some of it while crafting, I am not a royal fan but I love to see the pics of London, the places where I grew up, and it made me rather sad that I'm not living there any more. Germany is nice, it's very pretty here, but it>'s somehow not home, and that has pulled me down the past 2 days.
    >But, it can only get better! Take care of yourself, Hugs, Valeri

  2. So happy you had a wonderfully Royal day...Loved your story of the royal scrapbook as a child. I had one to it was filled with pictures of mushrooms! Funny , funky, magical and realistic pics...wish I had that one too. LOL.
    take care dear friend.gerri

  3. Donna, I'm so glad you wrote this! As I mentioned on my blog, I have not watched even one minute of the royal stuff, but I have it all on tape. Since I don't have a guy that will tolerate it at all, I have to find a time when I can watch by myself. Reading what you've written here gives me a new perspective and will help me to appreciate what I am watching!! Thank you for that! (Hopefully he will be working tomorrow...)

  4. such fun! We didn't do any "royal" things here, but I was surprised how much my husband wanted to watch the wedding! hee! He's a big sap! :0)

  5. How lovely...I watched the wedding at a restaurant. Lovely couple.
    I love getting a glimpse into your past.