May 4, 2011

* Hooray, Hooray, It's the 5th of May .....

Earring giveaway  TODAY.  It's the first ever Cinco de Mayo Earring Giveaway on donna did it.  In fact, it's the first giveaway ever on my blog.  For directions on entering to win, or if you have just dropped by, please refer to THIS POST for what is really going on.

It would be delightful if you would join me ... and you never know ... you could be receiving that surprise package with a pair of my hand made earrings inside.  So ... go and check it out.

I will be making the draw tomorrow and announcing the winner.

Today was an absolutely spendifilous day at Quinta de Luz.  I have good mail days, but I think this was the best ever ... so I'd like to share with you.  Envelopes and packages appeared from all over the place.  Places like Germany, Canada, and the USA.  I sat in my chair by the fireplace and slowly opened each piece ... enjoying all the intricate details.  I think I had a smile on my face the entire time.  Each and every one of you made my day!

From DONNA and RHONDA , fellow bloggers in Canada ... an absolutely gorgeous envelope stuffed full of goodies.  Look at those hand made paper mache faces!  I am in LOVE.  Thank you so much U2!  I'm going to enjoy every morsel.  You will want to visit both of them.  Very talented woman with great blogs.  What you cannot see in the photo is an entire bag of die cuts Donna did with her Big Shot machine.  I am a lucky lady.

From Dusseldorf, Germany, a gorgeous envelope from VALERIE .  I admired this lovely lady (book mark) on her blog one day.  Next thing I know, she's sitting on my table.  Thanks so much Valerie.  ... and for the lovely tag as well.  I will be studying the design to see if I can do some 'knock offs'.  xxhugs from Mexico.

I belong to an on line group called MAKE EVERY DAY A GOOD MAIL DAY.  Someone mentioned "Royal" on the posts one day and I commented.  Much to my surprise and delight, Coleen from Canada sent this beautiful hand made brown paper bag book, filled with photos and notes about many royal weddings from the past.  Some of the photographs I have never seen before.  Included were Victoria and Albert, Elizabeth and George and some Royal Weddings when the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret had been bridesmaids.   I will treasure it.  It's actually full of history, which as you know,fascinates me.

Two letters in one day from the Lovely Kelly of the USA.  Kelly is so much fun to play with.  At the moment we are exchanging two ATC's and each time we receive them we put one additional piece on and return it in the next letter.  When they are finished we will each have one.  One of her letters this week was envelopes glued together with one page of the letter in each envelope ... sort of a book.  The other was written on black note paper in white pen.  :o)

Then Millicent, also from 'a good mail day' group sent me a post card she made herself.  It's wonderful.  Millicent, I hope you are going to take part in the "Liberate Your Art" swap.  

You must agree ... it was A GREAT MAIL DAY at my house!  I also got my magazines from Stampington today ... so I will begin to devour those tonight!

Hope you will become a 'friend of donna did it', leave me a comment, and enter to win the earring giveaway.  Take care ... and thanks so much for stopping by.  Each of you make my light a little brighter, bring a smile to my face, and I adore reading your comments. 

"What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it." Author Unknown


  1. Wow wow wow wow, so much mail on one day, you were a lucky girl! Hope you enjoy it. This was your celebration for getting your house finished. Enjoy. I hope lots of people come to your earring draw, and enjoy looking at all the nice pics you have shared with us today. Have a wonderful cinco de Mayo! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Donna, what wonderful mail art! Thank you for sharing. The paper bag book -I just love it!! How wonderful. Of course, I would love to enter your first ever give-away . . . I thought those little button earrings you made are so wonderful!! I am already a follower, so I think I am all set. What fun and congratulations on your home being finished. ; ) lenna

  3. What a great blog! Thanks so much for putting my book there....

    Happy May 5! I hope to win earrings!


  4. Hi Donna,

    I hope this comment reaches you all the way in Mexico :)

    Keeping my fingers crossed too!

  5. That's a lot of lovely lucky are you? I love the paper bag book as well, very beautiful art.

  6. Oh my goodness, you received the jack pot mail day. Lovely pieces and I enjoyed Valerie's oriental bookmarks, etc. Your stash is growing and before long you'll have so much like the rest of us you won't know where to begin. Isn't it wonderful! Friends are the best and lovers of art never think twice about sharing.

    Earrings....we all want to win a pair made by Donna.

    Enjoy the Cinco de Mayo celebration in central today!!!


  7. A good mail day, indeed! What a pleasure to sit, open, and enjoy all those goodies.

    Love your earrings. Tell Mr. Habibi to choose wisely! Thanks for the opportunity. Enjoy your blog.

  8. Wow you did have a GOOD mail day. So you know- the picture on the front of the envelope is of a part of my garden. The paper bag book is cool.The tags are wonderful and so is the postcard. Enjoy! and Enter me in your Draw. The ocean says Hi back...hugs..Donna

  9. Oh my what a haul. Such wonderful gifts you received in the mail!A fabulous mail day. Happy Cinco de Mayo! take care, gerri