May 28, 2011

* It's Magic

Yesterday, it was a bracelet.  Today it's a necklace.  It's magic!  The creative process is an incredible one.  The more I get to know it, the more magical and mysterious it becomes.  Sometimes I have absolutely no control.  That's when there is no doubt in my mind I have my own personal Muse.  The thought delights and pleases me.   Whatever I'm working on, the painting, the story, the poem,  the object, the collage, the multi media piece simply tells me in no uncertain terms what comes next.  I have no choice but to follow along.  I think that is pure magic.  It doesn't happen in any other areas of my life ... but the creative process?  Ahhhh ... there is real honest to goodness magic in creation.  In many cases, I don't have a choice of what step to take next. Sometimes I am just told what to do.

So ... having said that, yesterday I made a button/charm bracelet.  It was fun.  I thought it was finished except for the clasps.  Today, when I went to the studio, the bracelet wanted another strand.  I thought, OK .. that will look good.  When I was finished, it looked to heavy.   When I held it up to my neck, it was a necklace.

I got out my box of chain and tried a few different pieces.  Still not sure if I like the one which is on it now.  It might tell me tomorrow ... lol.

“Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.” Julia Cameron 


  1. Looks like you are really havening a big time with your buttons and bows. I think you will just have to wear them, to see if the chaind sre right, that must be the easiest was to check. Hope it has turned a little cooler for you. Here it is downright cold today, windy and wet! Ugh! So, I'm off for a hopt bath, and then i will see how the day progresses! Hugsm

  2. Oh my oh my. This necklace is beautiful. I love the mix of neutral colors and all the dangles.
    Wonderful work. take care, gerri

  3. I love this as a necklace, Donna. It definitely seems to "fit" better as a necklace than a bracelet, don't you think? You are right to follow your instincts. When it comes to creating, that is really the only way I do it. I don't tend to think that I have a muse though, rather I believe my brain likes to think creatively. If I often use my brain creatively and keep in "tuned-up" ideas flow forth as I am making something. I love that! Awesome piece you are making -follow your instincts about the chain! Thanks for your comment today too, much appreciated!

  4. Oh this is so cool! Your muse did a great job.I see all those rings you have attached and it makes my fingers hurt. That is the part of jewelry making that I hate. Thank you for all of your kind comments of late.I am appreciative..hugs..Donna