May 3, 2011

* Mail Art and Organizing the Studio ...

Organizing my studio here is turning into a bit of a challenge.  It's all about climate.  I know, your saying "Climate? .... Whaaaa?".  April and May can be HOT here.  Who knew?  Everything I read about climate in this area used words like moderate and temperate.   Perhaps these reports have not been updated since climate all over the world is changing.  Yesterday for example, we had a wind storm.  The air filled with dust and small tornadoes appeared off the hills and mountains.  My head is currently wrapping itself around the dust issues here.  There is no escaping it.  I've come to the conclusion I either accept it for what it is, or I move!  I use the word dust loosely.  It's a 'silt' ... so fine, if there was a hole the size of a pin head, tons of the stuff would make it through and layer whatever lies beyond with it's blessings.  So, it becomes an issue, not only for working, but for storage of art materials, especially paper of any kind.  I purchased plastic towers for storage in the studio.  The silt filters in, through any crack it can find.  I changed my strategy and bought large bins with air tight lids ... nope ... does not keep it out.  Working can be even more of a challenge.  I wipe everything down with a damp cloth before I begin.  Yesterday, for example, during the wind storm, I found myself wiping everything down, including myself,  about every ten minutes. There simply is nothing else I can do but accept it's part of life here.  After I finish a project ... say the earrings for example, I wipe them down, slip them into small zip lock bags and place them in a box with a lid.  It's something I'm going to have to learn to live with.  Fortunately this weather is only for a couple of months at best (or worst) ... so surely I can accept two months of dust.   Wish me luck.  The rainy season is approaching ... I'm all for it!

After yesterdays putter session in my studio,  one can actually see the floor again.  There is hope.  Pretty much everything is in bins and drawers.  Now to do the fine sorting and label, label, label.  I like to know exactly where everything is when I'm working on a project.

Still much more work needed ... however, it is progressing.

I'm very fond of this piece which I was fortunate to find at a garage sale.  The tin punch doors are done by quite a well known local artist, and it fits into the niche like it was custom built!  How lucky am I.
A few more days, I may be comfortably ensconced ... working happily on my projects.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with my large easel.  It's currently on the terrace.  Because of the way I had it built, it does not fit well in this space.  I may have to sell it and have a different one made.

And now for something completely different (Anyone out there a Monty Python fan?)  .... here's the latest mail art, ready for the post office.

We seem to be going through a period of nostalgia, and everyone seems to think yesterday was better than today.  I don't think it was, and I would advise you not to wait ten years before admitting today was great.  If you're hung up on nostalgia, pretend today is yesterday and just go out and have one hell of a time.  ~Art Buchwald

A reminder that we really only have this moment, this NOW.


  1. Poor Donna, how awful to have all that dust messing your lovely things up. Glad you managed to conquer it in the end! Your mail art looks wonderful, I think I will show the pictures to my post lady! Your house looks so cosy now, hope you are finding enough time to rest! I am totally down in the dumps today, so far down that it can only go up again! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I love those tin doors! Your studio looks wonderful. I spend lots of time organizing my stuff but I have a real block about adding labels. I rarely do it. Dust is amazing stuff. You are right to accept it and just do what you can. I love the quote you posted and it is so true. Soon..Donna

  3. LOVE the quote and the "tin punch" piece!! A bummer about the dust - thankfully it is not all year long. We are having a heat wave and I am finding my new studio too hot to work in in the afternoon. We just have to adjust... Your rainy season is starting and ours is ending. Already I miss it - hot and dry is not my favorite, but we do the best we can and try to look for the positive, right? You are so good at that!!

  4. Donna, your mail art is incredible. I love the fact you take photos for all of us to see.

    Here's a little tip that I use when I use glitter or glossy accents on a piece of art or element, I cover it with a pyrex dish until it is totally dry -- no dust or bits of paper floating into it.

    You have a dust problem and I have a dog hair problem. Our golden retreiver has really thick hair and with spring it comes out in hands full. I am constantly cleaning to the point of driving DH nuts. Friday I have book club here and I'm already stressed knowing that hair will float in no matter what. I don't let the dog upstairs where I do art but she pretty much as the run of the house otherwise. I will keep her out of the living area on Friday but knowing Jim he will say, "she needs to socialize with your friends." I can't win at times.

    RELAX and when the season changes, you can do a good dust removal.


    PS I saw some texture from your new plates on one of the envelopes. BRAVO!

  5. your place looks beautiful donna, rich with color, inspiration, and joy.. love the tin doors, what a find

  6. Thanks Ladies for dropping over. Always love to read your comments. The pyrex dish is a great idea, Carolyn .. I will get one for that purpose. Yes, I agree, dog hair can be as bad as dust ... but when they look at you with those great big brown eyes who can be upset! Have fun with your club ... a little dog hair on the pages of a good book is a plus. (isn't it??) ;o)

  7. Such a lovely surprise to see you here, elaine. Hope all is well, take care and thank you so much for dropping by. xxDonna

  8. I love the tin doors on that. Your studio is so bright and wonderful
    ! my fab mail art from you-proper reply will come in a letter but I had to tell you I loved the stamps you made w/ your art!!! And how did you know tatting was next desire?!! xo

  9. What a lively and special place to create. The colors and light are amazing! Glad you had time to organize. I try but then I just mess it up again. Happy to hear yr railings are complete to...beautiful and SAFER too! LOL.
    take care dear friend, gerri

  10. Just love the mail colorful and full of life. I really like your new blog layout, script and colors. It is a pleasure to look at each day. take care, gerri