May 18, 2011

* A Muse Me's and a Gel Transfer

Gel transfer first.  I've been wanting to experiment with transfers for some time now.  My copier is hooked up so it's much easier.  I used Golden gel medium today and transferred a black and white ink jet copy of a photograph on to unstretched canvas.  The canvas has one coat of gesso on it, which I didn't want, so I transferred on to the back side of the canvas.  I'm actually very pleased with the results.  I'll be using this photo in something or other.

When I was three years old, I had a navy blue cape.  The hood had red satin lining.  I was in LoVe.
The other thing I have been paying attention to here -- is what's readily available in San Miguel which I could use in my art.  I discovered these wonderful tin roses at the market not long ago and bought three.  I have some old bisque doll heads from Germany in my stash which I have been itching to do something with. 

Today, these little 'A Muse Me's' came into being.  There will be another one from the last tin flower.  That is for another day.  These little Muse's will sit on your desk or work table with you and help you with your artistic dreams.  

That's all for today from me.  Thanks to all of you for dropping by and leaving me such wonderful and encouraging notes.  I love it!

There is nothing more beautiful than believing in yourself.
Sam Kao


  1. I love Rose and Lillith! They are really gorgeous! And your gel transfer has worked very well. The photo is really cute - Little Miss Riding hood! Have a great day, and make more of your wonderful creations. Have fun! Valerie AKA Miss Oyster Butt....

  2. I adore your little muses...Lilth is my fav.You are right , she would be a lovely companion on my desk!LOL Your gel transfer was fabulous. I've always wanted to try inspired me to do it.Thank you for sharing beautiful things today. take care, gerri

  3. your gel medium transfer came out so excellent, donna! They can be tricky; you've done well. I've found your first post too + read it -thanks for pointing me there. Catching up here will be a stop and start process! My friend is coming in and we are due at the airport later this morning. But I am enjoying your history and will answer you more later. I am sure you feel very proud for all you have done since that first post. : ^ ) lenna

  4. Beautiful little doll heads on the metal flowers. Your gel transfer turned out very nice.

    Thanks for coming by my blog the other day. I signed up to follow you, and have been looking around your lovely blogs. I haven't found a way to e-m you directly. Would love to exchange MailArt if you are up for it.

  5. Ahhh, love the little flower muses. They are so sweet.

    I did yard work again today. We had so much rain that the back lawn that slopes down to the pond was about 8 inches high and there was no way Jim could cut it with a lawn catcher. Thus Carolyn on the scene with rake in hand. It really looks nice now but would have been a mess with dead grass on top. Tomorrow we will tackle the area directly behind the house within the fence. It never ends but we have to take advantage of the days without rain. Soon summer will arrive and we will wish it would rain. That's life.

    Can't wait to see your next project. When do you start the journal class?

  6. Hi Carolyn .. you worked hard today! Hope you are enjoying some of that nice boutique wine now. I have finished the journal class ... that's was the Remains of the Day journal I sewed. What's next? Don't know at the moment.

    Barbara. Thanks so much for being here. Send me your e-mail as a comment. I won't publish it, and we can exchange notes on mail art. :o)

  7. Your transfer turned out soooo great! And Charity is superb!