May 19, 2011

* A Muse Me

One more little A Muse Me came to visit today.  This is Charity.  She reminds us the more we give away, the more we receive.  It keeps the energy flowing both ways.  I like that.

Give graciously and receive gratefully. Grace and gratitude are the energizing factors of giving and receiving.


  1. *And the greatest of these is charity* - I think St Paul was right when he said that, even if he didn't know your little Muse! I love her, and what you wrote about giving and receiving is very true! Havea great day, enjoy playing! I need to do the shopping, and then later I want to play with some mini masks I have made. Hugs, Valerie

  2. How sweet she is! We definitely receive more than we give and the joy is magical.

  3. So pretty! Just fun to look at her.

  4. Charity is lovely.Giving is always wonderful. I enjoy reading your inspiring quotes on yr blog each gives me a little peek into your beautiful heart.