May 17, 2011

* Remains of the Day and a Faery Godmother

I bound my Remains of the Day journal today.

It's far from perfect.  I learned a lot.  I had a very heavy linen waxed thread for book binding on hand.  I used that, and I really think it was too heavy. I believe, because I used vintage papers which were dry and brittle, the binding has split down the middle of one signature.

My binding threads on the signatures a just a tad crooked.  ;o)

The piece of sari silk I used for the tie is already getting thin ... The material is too delicate.  I will probably add more material to the tie to reinforce it.

I actually bound it backwards.  The flap should be at the back.  It doesn't matter really, although it feels a little awkward this way.
Speaking of Faery God Mothers ... I have my own personal one.  She lives in the states, an no one suspects.  When Carolyn called to thank me for the earrings, she asked me if I would like a paper trimmer as she was getting another one.  I was so delighted.  I had bought a very bad facsimile here which wobbled and cut crooked.  To top it off it is in cm and mm, I think in inches!  So we had a problema.  Today the box came.  It was a little large and a little heavy for 'just' a paper trimmer.

Christmas at my house today.  My stash took one giant leap forward.  Even a dear friend of Carolyn's who was cleaning out her stash sent a gorgeous box of rubber stamps.  I can't tell you how happy I am ... like a kid really!  These things, none of them, exist in this country.  Let me share my box of delights with you.

This entire box is from Carolyn's friend.  THANK YOU so much!  You can't imagine what you have done for me.
OOOooo, this looks really yummy.

Feast your eyes on this entire set of background stamps. 
.. and this box of never been used treasures.  Can't wait to try them.

This absolutely exquisite gift, hand made by Carolyn.

Beautiful executed note cards.  I love LoVe, LOVE, them, Carolyn.  You could not buy something this lovely anywhere these days. 

corks for the cork board I am in the process of making, an entire bag of hand cut collage items, napkins for background and an entire set of rubber stamp corners.

HUGE stack of paper, wall paper and fabric samples.  YUM.

And finally, the thing I had been expecting, wrapped at the bottom of the box.  My paper trimmer.
You are a generous and deal soul, Carolyn!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So let's rejoice in the art of giving and soak in the good feeling that comes from the simple, beautiful act of giving away.

And ... let's rejoice in the pure joy of receiving with love, the generosity which is given with such a loving heart.  Thank you, Carolyn.


  1. Wow! and WOW!!! What a windfall. This is a real CARE packet for starved crafters. How kind of Carolyn and her friend. Enjoy using them, have a feast, havea wonderful day! Valerie

  2. Yea, it didn't take as long for this box to find you. So happy you can use the contents, Donna. The joy is in the giving whether it be a kind word or a box of left over supplies. It warms my heart to know you were pleased.

    AND, I love your journal; thanks for showing the binding; it is exquisite.


  3. Scrumptious Journal! And the gift of paper/art supplies, I love the items and the heart-warming.

  4. Hi Jane ... I'm so happy you are here! Thank you for coming. hugs, Donna

  5. Your journal is wonderful. Hope to learn from the challenges you faced. I'll try to remember that vintage papers are brittle for a heavy binding thread. But it's beautiful! And what a haul you got in the mail... terrific stuff. Enjoy yourself.

  6. First your journal is exquisite. Second it is just like Christmas at your house. What a wonderful box of goodies. I bet you don't know which stamp to play with first! Have fun Donna...Donna

  7. Beautiful journal,it should be easy to patch up that torn area. How about just adding some fabric tape to the inside of the sig. and handstitching it on. You've probably already come up with a way to fix it. My theory is if something doesn't work out, just stick something else over it. Ha Ha

    What a great box of treasures from your friend to use for all kinds of fun explorations.