May 14, 2011

* Signature Two. Remains of the Day Journal

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The second signature is complete and sewn.  Remember, I thought I had too many pages?  Well, when the very vintage pages fell out here and there ... I have just the right amount.  No need to make another journal right away, Nancy!

I haven't sewn the signatures into the journal yet.  I did find my awl, needle and book binding thread.  I got these supplies for another project before I left Canada and never used them, so this is new for me.  The awl looks a tad fragile to me and I'm wondering if there are different 'grades' of awls for different projects.  Hope it works.

Tomorrow a friend is coming over for a play date.  We are going to make cards.  I'll keep you posted.  Probably won't get the journal finished until Sunday.  THEN ... I'm going to open the Erosion Bundle again and see if I've had any better results after sinking it in the fountain for just over a month.  I think art created from the contents is due in August.

Blogger seems to be back to normal function.  I was missing a post, however it has reappeared - I hope everything is back to the way it was on your blogs too.  Thanks for dropping by for a peek, and thanks to all of you who leave me such very special comments.  I adore them.   :o)

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  1. You must be working 26 hours each day just now! Love, love, love your journal! The book your friend has written looks great with the wonderful cover painting. Enjoy your day with your friend, relax, and have fun! Hugs,

  2. This is looking outstanding! One thing for sure... we'll never look at a piece of paper in quite the same way again. Have fun card making. As it happens, that's another of my new ventures. It's fun watching you do your thing!

  3. Your journal is fabulous ! Loved the video with music to depict it. Nice touch.Cant wait to see your cards tomorrow.Some day u will have to tell me what made u decide on Mexico to live.yes, Helga at Artchix rules!take care dear friend, gerri

  4. Donna's marvelous earrings arrived in Idaho and they are fantastic. Everything she touches is a piece of art. Please click on the blog button to see for yourselves. Her packaging card and mailart are fantastic.


    Thank you so much, Donna. These mean so much to me with the heart shaped jewels and all.

  5. Your journal covers are wonderful and all the pages within. Great job.