May 22, 2011

* When I was Three, Mail Art and a quick RAK Swap

I picked up the transfer I did the other day and held it in my hands.  The one of me in my navy blue cape.  I was three years old.  No ideas of what I wanted to do with it were in my little brain, however, you know how it is.  You pick a piece up, hold it in you hands for a little while and soon things begin to flow.  The finished piece has turned out very very shabby. I think I may FINALLY be loosing my perfectionistic tendencies.  I actually like it.  I used two pieces of material and a piece of paper from my Erosion Bundle.  The fringe on the top of the transfer stayed.  I've turned the photograph part into a pocket where I may write about how my cape came into being and tuck it in there.  Vintage buttons appeared from their jar.  I wanted to use a traditional Mexican Milagro (miracle).  I chose a heart.  Then this little glass blue bird called to me.  She represents The Bluebird of Happiness.  I found an old bag of trim with a few beads and sewed it onto the bottom. I enjoy using stamps to give my work a sense of time.  In this case, I found a stamp of King George who was on the throne in 1949 when this photo was taken.  He is young and handsome.  It would give the viewer who knew nothing about this piece a clue as to it's vintage.  Some lace, a little stamping, and some typing on my old Eaton's portable.   It is done.

I have no idea how I'm going to hang this.  The old metal piece is not sticking too well, even though I used an industrial type glue.  The entire piece mounted on an old ruler.  I feel I must learn to do rivets.  Rivets would work with this piece.  Any suggestions?

At any rate, it's done.  I will concern myself with the hanging part tomorrow.

And now for something completely different.  Thank you, John Cleese for being part of my life!  (I just love that line!) A little mail art.

My first hand made post card.  What a hoot!
By the way ... there is a quick RAK Swap over at The Altered Paper.
You may want to check it out.  Looks like fun.  I just signed up. 

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and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.
- Napoleon Hill


  1. Lovely wall hanging, it looks really great! Perhaps you could use some heavy duty brads to put through it? I always ask my neighbour about things like that. He mutters and swears about stupid women, but he does are def. good for some things. Glad you have signed up for Tee's swap, too, she's a nice girl.Havea great day, hope you had a good time with your visitors yesterday, Valerie

  2. This is just charming! Every element in it fits just beautifully. I love the little bluebird. Commemorating the cape.. lovely. And nice mail art, too.

  3. Fantastic hanging piece. Love all the elements you used. I to need to break away from being a perfectionist...thats why I take watercolor painting. LOL The paint is in control not me. Thanks for yr warm wishes on the DT at 100 proof press. I know that bunny stamp! You asked about attaching, there is a cool tool called a crop a dile... like crocadil (sp?) that puches holes in just about anything like cds, cardboard, leather and metal. It also sets eyelets. There are utube videos on it.The piece cant be too thick.. I use it all the time. after you had the holes you could use nuts and bolts, or thread or leather to stitch it etc thats my creative tip for the week. Also addicted to stamps and addicted to scrapbooking is going out of business, both on the web. just thought Id let u know was 40% off. take care dear friend, gerri ;)

  4. Donna, I Love your "When I was Three" piece of reminds me of an altered art photo I did with a photo of my sister when she was three (in 1955). Both pieces evoke such lovely emotions. And I was so excited to see my name on your outgoing Mail Art! Can't wait! I sent you something, hope it arrives soon! xx Jane

  5. Hi Jane .. thanks for the visit. YES .. I did receive your mail art! LOVED it! Thank you.

    Gerri .. thanks for the knowledge on hanging things. I will look at the cropadile. I did figure out how to hang it, and it's up. I will take a better photo today. Addicted to Rubber stamps -- OUT OF BUSINESS? They have been around for YEARS. Thanks .. I'll go have a peak.

  6. Donna, it's so cool to see you and my friend Jane having a little conversation here!! It is, indeed, a small world! Now if we could just all get together and have a little art party and little sip of something.... we can dream, can't we?? Love seeing the details of your work!

  7. Hi Patty! Yes, I think it's very cool as well. and ... it is a very small world. You never know .... Thanks for dropping by, Patty. Always lovely to read your comments. Donna

  8. Donna....I LOVE IT! Your PC is sooooooooo wonderful. You amaze me Lady. The inspiration that you give me is just CRAZY GOOD! Your fabric piece is adorable. Transfers are next on my list of things to try.

  9. Donna, fabulous piece. I love what you did with your transfer to fabric and it is a good feeling to read you create in much the same way I do. I usually use Goop Glue/E6000 when working with metal. That has worked really well for me. I so like what you have made!! ; ) lenna

  10. Hi Everyone! You are all so LOVELY! Thank you for your suggestions on hanging. I use E6000 a lot too Lenna - on this particular piece I used No Mas Claves (No More Nails) .. he he. It seemed to work. Millicent! HI! Thanks for dropping in .. as you see there is some mail going out to you soon.

    Thank you all for all your loveliness! See you Manana. :o) Donna


    I'm in awe at your new wall hanging and like Valerie. You get so much done in one day. Your postcard is a hoot. Love it!

    Wish my brain would work the same way as yours. For some reason I can't keep my eyes open today. THERE IS ALWAYS TOMORROW. It's a good thing I started my holiday projects early, huh?


  12. No wonder you can't keep your little eyes open, Miss Carolyn! Your yard looks better than a private country club! Sleep well. hugs, Donna

  13. Such A Beautiful Art Work Piece!
    And Thank You for Participating in the RAK Swap! It will be fun! Hugs, Tee

  14. Fabulous piece - I love how you have used something from your erosion bundle - it works so well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I will be back to have a better look around!