June 5, 2011

* Experimenting with Collage ... and a little loot

This class is good for me, because I find myself experimenting and exploring what I like, what I don't like, and why.  Yesterday, I was not happy with the two pieces I completed.  I tried again today, with basically the same subject.  I am much happier with the result.  I deepened the colour of sepia photo.  Added some hand colouring to Mama's corsage.  Was not at all pleased with the look of the butterfly, so tried a couple of birds.  The colour of the birds is a little richer.  I like that.  I rounded the corners of the photo and ran a sienna marker around the outside to give it definition.  When I added the birds, they were in the far right corner.  They needed to be 'pulled' across the page to give it some unity.  I found more scraps of leaves and branches and did just that.

What do you think now.  This one has some depth and colour.  In my opinion, it's the best of the three.  I'll move on to more lessons now.
The other day when I went for the mail, there was an envelope from one of the women who also made a Remains of the Day journal.  We had e-mailed each other and she offered some original ledger pages.  I was thrilled.  It turned into a swap.  This is what was in my very happy envelope.  Thank you, Beth.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Love what you have made again, and how nice to get such lovely goodies in the post. Who needs bills when they can get letters filled with stash? Hope the weather is being kind to you. Take care of yourself, and havea great day, Valere

  2. Love the final product of your collage, Donna! The birds add a wonderful bit of color and focus. Have a lovely Monday!

  3. Hi Valerie, yes the weather has cooled somewhat. It actually went down to 75 degrees F yesterday and I felt COLD! WOW! Jane ... so lovely to have you dropping in all the time. What have you been up to? hugs, Donna

  4. Well Im back from visiting my daughter in college so I have alot to catch up on. Love this college, I'll have to look at older posts to see the progression. Beautiful swap goodies too. Thanks for all yr comments while I was away. take care, gerri

  5. Hey Donna,
    I've been immersed in art! (I sent you a little bit of mail joy, hope it arrived...) and I was at Patty's Inner Gardening Retreat all day on SAturday...what a lovely day we had, beautiful sculpture garden for the setting, 11 artists to connect with, paper and paint...heaven! Played with my project all day yesterday except for a couple of hours when I made blueberry jam, a creative day!

  6. I love your collage. I am enjoying looking at your blog. I love the stuff you received. I love the old papers myself, etc. I do more collecting than artwork sometimes.

  7. Hi Nancy Lynn .. thanks so much for dropping by! I'm the same as you are .. love to collect. Dangerous.

    Jane .. I saw the group photo on FB .. looks like to had a wonderful day. Haven't received the happy mail - things are a little slow here. I'll let you know .. looking forward to it. D

  8. PERFECTION! Collage #3 it is. I really, really like this one, Donna. The added birds don't distract from the photo. It is truly lovely.