June 26, 2011

Full Tilt Boogie ... but first ...

Habibi has something to say.  He insists.

There!  I'm sure there is no translation needed for that, so we will move along.
Worked on my journals today.  Finished the inside of both practice journals and thought about moving on to 'the real thing'.

Done!  Binding not too bad.
This afternoon I got one of the old leather cabinet photograph albums out.  I cut it apart.  (YIKES)  As I began to work with it I realized how much damage there was.  At one point, I realized there was a piece of wood missing on the inside of the front cover which held the leather in place.  OOOOoops.  Cut a piece of chipboard and glued it in.  Not the same.  The album lost some of its beautiful shape.  Besides, the top right hand corner was completely missing.  HHhhmmmm.  What to do. 

I had a piece of brown velvet from the erosion bundle project.  I cut a piece off and glued it on to the top.  After I did that it begged for decoration so I spent the afternoon wrapping and looping pearls, small garnets, swarowski crystals and milagros.  I personally like the result, but then you know how I am about jewels.  

Not great photo's, the light wasn't right.  However, you get the drift.  I am filling this journal with 140 lb. white watercolour paper.  I think it will be quite beautiful if I can get the binding right.  Do I wait for the correct linen thread to come from the states ... or ... do I dive in with what I have?  I'm not sure I will be able to wait once I get the signatures together.  Oh yes, which reminds me ... I need some tapes for the outside.  I want really heavy tapestry ... however, I may have to use the brown velvet I have.  

Hope you are all well and happy.  Thanks for dropping by.  Wouldn't it be lovely if we could have a little chat when you come to visit?  Perhaps, one day technology will make it possible.  Chat instead of comment.  Ha!

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

 Theodore Roosevelt 
hmmm ... I guess it's the brown velvet.  Have no idea where I would get heavy tapestry anyway!


  1. It looks great, love the row of jewels and oddments, very much to my taste. More is always better than less! Hope your sewing thread and my litle packet arrive soon. Have a great day, take care, valerie

  2. What an amazing book, I love what you have done with it. I have used old cover for some journals but I like the decoration.

  3. ...the jewels...splendide!

  4. Habibi looks great against those pillows... his colors for sure! Tell him message received. I love the row of pearls and doodads on your journal. You are meticulous!

  5. donna, your habibi is soooo cute and the full-tilt journal you are working on is amazing. I love the erosion bundle velvet as a replacement inside cover and the charms you stitch on, oh my my!! : 0 ) back to organizing the new swaps!!!!!! lenna

  6. Hi Habibi! You are enjoying your new home and all of the comforts. You know you are the cutest puppy, don't you!

    Donna, your final journal is going to be spectacular. What a beautiful cover! Sorry I didn't think to ask because I could have mailed you some linen thread and looked for tapestry tape.

    You always find a way to substitute and create beautiful results, like the trim at the top.

    I'm very late posting today; had to go shopping.


  7. Oh, can't wait to see how this evolves! You are such an inspiration with all your projects. I'm afraid I could never keep up!
    I have missed seeing the lovely Habibi... maybe "lovely" isn't the right word for a boy dog, but I can't help it!!