June 28, 2011

Full Tilt Boogie .. going full tilt

I did more work on the old and sadly damaged album today.  I decided to put gross grain ribbon, front and back, on the spine side of the covers to prevent further deterioration and perhaps loss of leather.  I have the back cover finished now, and I do think it was a good idea.  Much sturdier.  I have one side glued on the front cover and will finish tomorrow when the glue is dry enough.

Tore the watercolour paper today and completed five signatures.  That is all I'm going to have in my first attempt with watercolour paper.  It is enough.  Now, I simply have to wait for the waxed linen thread to arrive.  I don't want to use anything else I've decided!

I think it is going to look nice when finished, if, of course, I get the holes in the right place, the thread in the right place, the tapes in the right place .... hmmmm.

Thanks for dropping by.  As always, a pleasure to share with you a little bit of my life and lovely to have you here.  

"A beautiful thing is never perfect.” ~ Proverb


  1. It must be very exciting watching it groww! Hope your waxed thread comes soon along with other missin parts! Have agreat day, and take care. Hugs to you and Habibi! Valerie

  2. Oh Donna that is exquisite, i cant wait to see even more of this project.
    hugs June xxxx

  3. Good idea using the ribbon down the sides, Donna. This journal is going to be the journal of all journals. It will be so much fun to follow along.

    What does Habibi have to say about your spending too much time on your journals?

    Again, no art for me. Took Jim to the dentist as he wasn't able to drive today (pain meds). The day just seemed to fly by.


  4. dear Donna,
    Cant wait to see more of your amazing project.What a wonderful start. Thanks for visiting today...Your comments are always so sweet. take care dearie, gerri

  5. A beautiful thing is never perfect...wisdom, I will pass it on to my girls for sure.

    I am happy to find you indulging in your beautiful art, I love seeing it.


  6. I love what you did here. All the jewels and velvet-wonderful combination. This will be a wonderful book.....Hugs..Donna

  7. How did you attach the charms...can see the ribbon but what's underneath anchoring it there..? I think I have the courage to start working on covers but the binding is a bit intimidating.

  8. Hi Tiffiny .. I glued a wide strip of velvet on the top - straight onto the leather (which has wood under it). I turned the velvet under on the front side. ON the back side I reinforced the velvet with a gross grain ribbon so it would look 'finished' as I didn't want to turn the velvet under on the inside. Hope that helps. Donna