June 24, 2011

* Guess who won ....

 What happened? 

Yes, it is YOU .... It is YOU especially if your name is .............................................
KATIE!  Yes, Katie ... you won.  Congratulations.  AND .. I've already got your address .. how convenient.  I'll get the box in the mail this week.  Be prepared for a lot of colour to fall out in your lap ... I know how you love those soft vintage colours.  Take a deep breath .... he he.

You will find Katie's blog The Red Tin  an eclectic mix of art,  doll making, quilting, needle work, and because of her love of mail art ... interviews with mail men.  A lovely, and most interesting young woman.

I want to thank everyone who left a comment to enter.  Your comments always touch my heart.  You come here with such loveliness and leave it on my pages.   I must say there was one comment which completely caught me off guard and was a wonderful surprise .. thank you Lynnie.  Very special.

The flood?  Chayo and his crew were here at 8:00 am this morning.  The jardin was cleaned and washed down.  The bodega was emptied and cleaned out.  The garbage was taken away and by 10:00 am I couldn't tell there had been a flood.  Thank goodness for Chayo!  Fortunately, the only important thing in the bodega was a box of books.  They are pretty much toast, however, I do have them everywhere drying in hopes they can still be used for art.  They are all books from France!  Luckily nothing else of importance was lost.  All the paint is fine, the pressure pump was not damaged. Even my suitcases will dry out (I think).  Whew!  I had taken all my art supplies to the studio ... so how lucky am I!  All's well that ends well.

If you're going through hell, keep going.  ~Winston Churchill
ahhh, Winston ... wise words.


  1. Congrats to Katie. lucky girl! Glad you managed to get the flood mess cleared up with not too much damage. Have a nice day and take it easy now! Huga, Valerie

  2. dear Donna,
    Congrats Katie...a lucky girl! So very happy to hear you are back to normal and only a small loss. Im sure you will be able to use your books in your art...Loved your blue goblet phots today too!
    take care dearie, gerri

  3. Katie, congratulations. You will certainly enjoy the surprise package headed your way. Donna always does things up right.

    Donna, happy to hear the jardin and bodega were drained and cleaned. So sorry about the books; they are hard to dry and maintain their original condition. However, they will make great pages for your journals.

    Have a fun, dry weekend.


  4. very wise words from Winston, I truly believe them . . . and a big congratulations to Katie!
    Donna, I am so glad to hear everything got cleaned up quickly . . . hmm, does jardin mean the garden or the porch?? or something else? i am not quite sure, but I know you will fill me in donna! xo lenna

  5. Holy Toledo!!! I won? I won!! I am sooooo excited Donna! This is a big day! I will put it all to good use. Looking at that picture of so much loot, i feel bad getting it all. :0) Funny, I just so happened to mail you something today---guess I had good vibes out there! weee! Thank you thank you Donna! Can't wait to get it and dig thru the goodies.

  6. I am glad you recovered from your flood. Too bad about the books but I am sure they will make excellent art paper. I am totally irked that I missed your 500th post.I had to go to town that day . So belated congratulations!!You know I treasure your honesty and creativity and your messages through the quotes you print. My blogger doesn't send me updates on your post but I try hard to remember to come and visit you.Here's to your next 500 posts.