June 2, 2011

* It's all about Priorities ...

I was speaking with a friend today about priorities.  An interesting subject.  My friend leads retreats.  Retreats which enrich your life, personal growth retreats.  Retreats which move you forward and help you to grow in ways you cannot imagine.  I'm really not sure most people realize how important it is to be in touch with our inner selves.  To be in touch at some 'depth' .. to know what makes us tick, to know what we want and more important, what we need.  Women innately do not take care of themselves.  We take care of everyone around us.  We don't know what self care, and self soothing is.  No one ever taught us.  We give ourselves away to everyone else, until be are 'done', burned out. Until some crisis in our lives stops us cold and forces us to look at what we need for ourselves, what we need to be whole and complete. 

When women are invited to look inside, to get in touch, to know themselves at a deep level, they say things like, "I don't think I have the time.", or "Wow, that's a lot of money.".  I used to think that way.  No more.  I've learned about priorities.  I've learned I'm important.  I've learned if I'm not OK, I can't be there for anyone else.

I honestly believe most of us can have just about anything we want by setting priorities.  What's important to us.  What makes our heart sing.  What gives us a deeper richer life.  I really had to 'learn' that though ... and allow it to sink into my cells.  Suddenly, I realized if I set something I really wanted as a priority it came to fruition.  It was a matter of having that inner knowing of how important it was to my life.  For many years, I didn't take personal growth or creative classes because I believed I couldn't afford it.  SHEeeesh!  I LONGED for them. (Usually a sign you need them.)  Once I juggled things a little, and set my sights on what I wanted ... wow what a difference.  They became my reality.  I simply shifted my thinking.  Now I do the things which are really IMPORTANT to my life.  They lift me up.  They inspire me.  The lead me to my tribe. And yes, I am happier because of my decisions.

Lately, as many of you know, my priority has been to rebuild my stash to a certain, more comfortable level, so I can create with ease without going to a store (because there isn't one here, ha ha).  I've been very naughty ... but oh ... how happy I am.  I may not have done some other things as often as I would have before I set this priority, but now ... I have a lovely little stash thank you so much ... I can create with ease ... and that in itself brings me PURE JOY.

Today was a lovely mail day.  My order came from Collage Stuff. I could get into a lot of trouble at this fabulous on line venue. I ordered beautiful vintage French magazines, old British bus and train tickets, some German Glass Glitter (Has anyone else tried this?  It's new to me), and a few pages of Frida images which I had not seen anywhere else.  I ordered some decorative tape from another vendor and it arrived too.  This will be my first experience playing with 'happy' tape.  YUM!  I have an order coming from Joann's which contains more basics, like inks, re inkers, etc., and an order of paper. Many of YOU out there have been so generous helping me with my stash!  I think I'm set.  I will move on to my next priority.

Ah, remember those HATS!

My Mama, 1944.  She LOVED hats.  Some of my fondest memories, from the time I was 18 months old are sitting on her knee, playing with whatever embellishments were on her absolutely stunning hat!

I didn't make it to my studio today.  Shopping and going into the Market took priority.  Perhaps for a little while this evening.  I found some fabulous Guadalaupe Milagro's for a swap friend in the States who adores "Our Lady" .. and some great Frida and Revolution post cards at a great price.  I had fun.

Tomorrow, I will begin setting new priorities.  My knees need to be fixed!  I need to walk, be able to have FUN, and be mobile again.  My thoughts will turn to those priorities ... very important ones.

It may not be possible to go back to Canada for surgery.  The hurdles may be too much mentally and physically for me to endure.  I may have to shift my priorities and think about this in a different way.  Stay here, save the money, and have it done as quickly as possible.  That will mean 'doing without'.  But oh ... I have a stash .... I will still have FUN!  As long as I can CREATE. 

  “Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.” H. L. Hunt


  1. You are so right about setting your priorities, and especially women are always trained to set everybody else's prorities before their own! Love all the things that came with your order, have fun. I have glass glitter in several colours here, it makes such a nice touch of sparkle. Have fun, and I hope you soon find a solution for your poor knees! Hugs from Mrs Grumpy!

  2. True words Donna. Every choice is an exchange. At 60 years old, I am finally choosing self-care, time for my art, setting boundaries that I need. It means fewer social events and that others are sometimes annoyed with me, but I know what my priorities are now, and I'm stickin' to em'! Thoughtful choices are good for all of us.

  3. Oh I love to see what others receive in their orders and yours was fun to view, Donna. I had to click at the COLLAGE link and got sidetracked.

    Everything we see is so tempting and setting priorities is the only way to prevent bankruptcy and/or a divorce in my case. I'm pleased your stash is growing because it will keep you entertained for a long time.

    For a swap several years ago we were to create a page based on a saying by Confucius. My version: "I create art for myself, but it is the encouragement from others that drives me to try new things and perfect my technique." I live by this every day because art strokes my self-satisfaction gene.

    Have fun with your new toys!

  4. Thank you all for the visit my lovelies. You made my day! hugs, Donna

  5. dear donna, I just caught up on your last 2 posts and must say you are brave, you are strong & you can do this. i am sure you can "do it" just like "Donna did it".

    You travel case looks great. I can envision clear pocket pages in the ring binder part filled with images -easy to look through & spy what you want! i think the front could use some bright colored flowers painted or stamped and your name in a flowing script.

    Priorities? So funny you mentioned this because I am going to a garden inspired writing workshop this afternoon. I just decided yesterday to do this! My Nia dance teacher is one of the leaders and I decided not to worry about the cost or the time, I needed to do something like that for myself. It's such a coincidence you speak of this.
    You be strong, be well, be arty, be happy. xo lenna