June 17, 2011

* The Kindness of Strangers ...

... or are they?  Strangers I mean.  Other bloggers, other artists, other souls of like mind, other people with whom you share a strong common thread.  I have met so many incredible people through this blog,  from time to time I am astonished.

Recently, while creating my Remains of the Day Journal, I came across a post on the yahoo group's site talking about how to make vintage papers stable enough to work with.  I contacted this lady.  We chatted back and forth for awhile and I learned a tremendous amount.

The woman asked for my address and said she would send me some ledger papers.  I asked for hers, and she reluctantly gave it to me saying, "I just like sending people stuff.".  I replied with a "so do I."

Today a UPS box arrived at my mail service.  It was heavy!  I still can't get over what was in it ... all the things I need to make wonderful journals .. vintage papers, ledger papers, game pieces, a cigar box!, samples of gorgeous material for binding, card stock, fusible web, pauge medium to make vintage papers stable, die cuts and so many other delicious bits and pieces.   I sat and looked at every piece, taking them out of the files, out of the bags, out of the containers.  A treasure trove I could never find where I live now.  Sometimes, many times in fact, since I have started this blog and been in touch with like minded people, I am in awe of the kindness and giving nature of artists.  That's what we do.  It's awesome!  Thank you so very much, Nancy!  I'm still doing the happy dance.

You might say I had a spendifilous mail day!

My day did not include the studio.  Breakfast with Miss Sylvia was in order ... in Centro at the Bilbloteca.  It was  so great to see her as we hadn't touched base except by e-mail for waaaay tooo long.  We lingered over coffee until early afternoon, then wandered off to the market.  Can't walk for very long any more before my knees give out, so I was probably home by 2:00 pm.  Just got settled after pouring over the huge surprise box when Wendy popped in bearing fresh banana bread ... more tea ..  chatted for another couple of hours.  Finally went up to the Studio early evening when the phone rang .. well ... you get the drift.  So it was a people day, which was lovely, because I was down a quart.

Tomorrow is cleaning day.  I have help, however this week curtain rods were rehung in the studio.  All that drilling into cement has left a thick layer of cement dust over absolutely everything.  It will take some doing to get it back to some semblance of dustlessness!

Thanks for dropping by.  Only FIVE more posts to the giveaway of blog candy.  See large photo  HERE.  Please join in, follow along, and be sure to post the day of my 500th post to have a great chance of winning.  It's Saturday ... enjoy the weekend!

I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.
Ettiene De Grellet


  1. What a wonderful present you have received, glad you got some many goodies to help you on your way, and you will surely have lots of fun with them. Enjoy your new things, and take care, Hugs, Valeroe

  2. dear Donna,
    OMG...what a wonder RAK...This should keep you oh so very busy in your studio. The picture of your giveaway is incredible, so much color and different creative things from your current home land.Enjoy making lots of fun things. take care, gerri

  3. Aren't blogger and fellow artists the most generous and caring souls!!!!

    Before long, Donna, you stash will be replenished providing you hours of enjoyment. I was so happy to view the variety of items Nancy sent to you...awesome!

    Sylvia....I know you had a great time with her and much to catch up on. Aren't friends just the best.


  4. sounds and looks wonderful, donna. you are so smart to acknowledge all the goodness around you! Love your quotes, just my kind of thinking. ; ^ ) lenna

  5. Wow. It looks like you won the lottery!I know you will have fun with all that treasure. So how do you stablize vintage stuff? Your giveaway looks fabulous too! I read cement dust and I cringe. That is horrible stuff! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a nice comment. We are back to rain today. and I love your quotes too! hugs..Donna

  6. Dear Donna,
    I so agree. the gifts of sharing with other creative people do just go round and round.
    isn't that great?
    love, Di

  7. Ohhh My what a wonderful gift. such beautiful things in there to use.
    I know you will have hours of fun. I totally agree there are some wonderful friends here in blogland.
    hugs June xxxxx

  8. So glad you are loving your package of goodies. It makes my heart sing to know that it is with someone who Loves it and will use it. Have a wonderful and Blessed week. When you said where you were and that supplies were hard to get, I knew I had to get a box together for you.