June 3, 2011

* A little Mail Art Therapy and my New Travel Art Case

Two years ago I made a decision to clean my body up and get rid of the prescription drugs.  I have been successful with one drug, an addictive medication given to me to help me get off another drug!  Do I see the sense in that?  Not really.  I've given up consulting Doctors.  They believe in drugs, let's face it. I've been weaning myself of one particular drug for two years.  It's a heavy drug with a bad reputation. It has been compared to coming off heroin and the with drawl symptoms can and are way over the top.   For the past three months I've been taking 2.5 mg.  That's down from the original dose of 30 mg. two years ago. YEAH.  Well two days ago, I made a decision.  I'm going cold turkey.  I've had it, I'm done, I'm finished.  I've researched the consequences.  It will be a rough two weeks.  I'll get through it.

Today I shook so badly, both inside and out, I didn't quite know what to do with my body.  My mind was another issue .. all over the map and not in pretty places.  I retreated to my studio and looked for assistance among my toys.  I can't say it was a joyful day, but I was able to distract myself enough to make it through.  You know the old saying.  "Art Saves Lives" ... I believe in it.

So today, it was a letter to my one of my pen pals.  This woman really knows how to play and we have delicious fun in our post crossings.  I was able to get in the zone somewhat and create an imaginary game which kept me out of trouble for a couple of hours.  The other envelope is for a lady who also made a Remains of the Day journal.  She is kindly sending me some much coveted ledger pages ... I am sending her some Mexican goodies and a few Guadalaupes, which she adores.

I am not a water colour girl.  I've tried it and I don't particularly like it.  My loves are oil, acrylic and oil pastel.  These crayons, however, Lyra brand .. are changing my mind.  They will certainly be fun for journal backgrounds, collages and who knows what else I might experiment with them for!

The other day I purchased an art case for travel.  One to carry with me to the coffee shop, or on the plane.  It's larger than I would have preferred, however, here in Mexico, these types of things are difficult to find, they are expensive, and when you locate one which is in the realm of your wants and needs, you purchase it.  If you wait to think about it, when you return, it will be gone.

So, here's the new case.  I strongly dislike the colour .. fabric paint and some creative decoration may be in order.  The inside is quite adequate and I'm sure when I get it loaded with the right stuff, I will love it.

A little paint and decoration could be fun!?

Inside, I think it will work quite nicely.

Lots of pockets to stash things in.
“I think there is that huge false misconception that prescription drugs are safer and more sociably acceptable than some of the other illegal drugs.” Aneisa McDonald

And I believe the above is a huge under statement.  I believe many of us (me included) have been totally brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry and some of our Dr.'s.  It's time to wake up and begin thinking of ourselves again.


  1. Your cas looks good, and I am sure you will pep it up and make in look more Donna-like! Well done for trying to get off those drugs, that must be hard, I take a lot of tablets, which I can't drop, as they are for heart and kidneys etc, which might stop working without the medis. But I know what you mean. It's an awaful feeling to be dependant on tablets. I hope you will have a creative day, I hope to do the same, but I am a bit less restless today, so that is good. Take care, Hugs, Valerie

  2. Good for you, Donna. Not everyone would go cold turkey; but, with your art to focus your mind elsewhere you'll succeed.

    Your new travel case does need some Donna altering and it will be another fun project It appears to have sufficient pockets and holders and should work perfectly to carry your tools and journal. It would be fun to have your journal to jot down thoughts or draw as you sit in El Centro on a patio enjoying a cup of tea or lunch.

    Your mail art continues to highlight my day.