June 9, 2011

OK ... Don't go 'way ...

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OK ... please ... don't shut me down ... don't leave.  It's ALMOST over, I promise.  Only today.  Yes, there is more.  It happened while I was considering the covers ... couldn't help it.  Just poured out.  Now ... it is really and truly done, finished, ended, completed, finito!  So, please, indulge me ... just today.

I thought I would bind it.  So I began ... and ... of course more pages came.   I will begin with the cover.

Just the three of us on a picnic, 1955.  1968 I was living in London.  Mama and Papa came for a visit and to tour Europe.  The birds on the cover are symbolic.  Top ... Mama and Papa bird.  A team ... even look alike.  Other bird ... always wanting to fly the coup .. i.e. 'me'.
Now the inside cover.  Found photographs of me in Trafalgar Square feeding the pigeons ... how I loved that town!  It was my second Christmas away from home.  I found some of Papa's writing which says Happy Xmas ... it's along the side.

Pages 1 and 2.  I absolutely adore the London postage cancel stamp.  It says London,  26 July PM.  My birthday.  :o)

Pages 3 and 4
Pages 5 and 6
Pages 7 and 8
Pages 9 and 10
Pages 11 and 12
After the last page, I added a 3/4 page.  It's a photograph of Mama and Papa twenty five years later celebrating their 25th.  I was still in London ... thus the symbolic 'post card' reference.

The final two pages.  I found one of Mama and Papa's personal calling cards.  The one with our ranch brand on it.  On it was written the phone number of someone very dear to them.  I put it in a pocket along with a little piece of red ribbon.  Papa loved red, and Mama often wore it just for him.  The back cover, a page from a school event dated 1920.  Papa and his sister were both listed as students.  Their father, my grandfather on the board.
The back cover.  Placed to the far right of the page on purpose,  my granny,  below a team of four  handsome Clydesdales with Papa 'driving'.  Our name is tucked in as a reminder of our roots.  Our (any of us) history is always near us, simply standing to one side.
The book lying open .. front and back covers.  I tied a small piece of twine on one of the rings ... like you would wrap one on your finger to 'remember'.  Symbolic.
"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family; Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one!  Jane Howard


  1. Stop apologizing! This is sooooo worth looking at again and again. I was on here yesterday for a nother look, too. You have done a great job here, and can pat yourself on the back (If you still move your shoulder enough!), It's reall, really great. Love it. Want to see it for real! Have a great day, Donna, and take care! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh Thank You Valerie! Just don't want to bore you. You will be shocked and awed when I show up at your door with a bottle of that whatever it is wine and the little book under my arm. Send my love to Grumpy Drawers. hugs, Donna

  3. Donna, the cool thing about looking at your B E A U T I F U L family journal a few times this week is that not only do I keep seeing collage details and get inspired, but I feel almost like part of your darling family...thanks so much for sharing! jane

  4. Outstanding! A real history and timeline of your family. It looks beautiful.

  5. Love it Donna!
    One giant hug heading in your direction,

  6. Donna YOUR book is amazing. I think you are part of an amazing family. Storytelling at it's best. Thank you for sharing it with us...Hugs..Donna

  7. Lovely book, great photos - silly to apologize! It's your blog after all!

  8. Hello my lovlies ... thank you all for being here today ... you know you make my day. For those of you who don't know me as well ... the grovelling at the beginning was meant in jest .... So happy you enjoyed by book ... I'm growing attached to it. hugs, Donna

  9. Donna, your glue book is very moving and has touched me in a warm loving way. You had a wonderful childhood with parents that adored you. What a tribute to them. It is obvious they were in love with one another and encased you with their love. How fortunate you are!

    I could look at these pages over and over and still be touched.


  10. oh my gosh, I have missed so much! Glad I cam back and peeked backwards because I absolutely love how you are binding these pages donna. What a dream this book is, just my kind of thing. If I stray and stay away with my book swap in the next few days -know i will be back!