June 16, 2011

* PHOTO OF GIVEAWAY and more Journal Pages

SIX more posts until Giveaway Day!  Click to enlarge for detail.

I organized all the bits and pieces today and took a photo.  Remember, this is not 'our' North America ... so there is not much in the candy box you would readily get in craft shops NOB.  However ... I am in the land of tin (Nichos), and some lovely stamped pieces you can use in your work, and ribbon.  Oh My GOSH ... they do have beautiful ribbon here.  I've tried to include a small sampling.  Gerri, I chose some with sparkles just in case you win (want you to be happy ... lol).  Also in the land of colourful oil cloth and milagros .. both of which are included.  Lots of small paper flowers here, which remind me of the vintage millinery flowers we long for nob.  A 'couple' from Oaxaca, as well as a little purse from the same area.  An interesting tin piece, which sort of looks like a purse - has a handle and opens from the top.  I just found it very attractive and couldn't resist.  I'm sure your imaginations will lead you.  There are paper cuts and loteria cards, Mexican play money and post cards from the Revolution as well as Frida.  Other bits and pieces here and there .. a small bag of goodies (at least that will still be a surprise).  

So I do hope you will join the merry band who keep tabs on me through this blog.  There are not many posts left until my 500th!  Just simply join in the 'friends of this blog', leave a comment the day of my 500th post, and your name will be put in for a random draw.  IT'S A PARTY!  Wish you all could be here ... we could have one!

A few more pages for my journal.  Honestly, I don't know where my head is sometimes.  I had every intention to make chip board covers for this journal.  Then I find myself in the 'zone' working on the cover on a piece of paper.  Didn't notice until I was finished!  Ah well, I could still put a different cover on it if I decided to.  We will see.  In the meantime here are a few more.  I'm getting there ...

Recognize the contents of this cover, Valerie?  All the pieces came together today, thank you so much.  I love the Indian Buddha.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Did I tell you how much I love it when you drop in like that?   .... I do!

PS:  I enrolled in Full Tilt Boogie.  Couldn't help it.  ... more tomorrow

 The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.


  1. Your candy is makin me droooooool. And I LOVE how you have used the Budha serviettes and my Japanese bookmark doll, proud to be a part of it! And let me knoe if you need some more Buddhas, I still have a large packet of them. The ribbons over there seem much better that the extremely expensive and shoddy bits they have on sale here! Enjoy your *Full tilt Boogie*, and have a great day, I am off to paint again! Hugs, Valerie

  2. wow, that is the most amzing give away ever I love all the colors. I'm going to go drool at the picture some more.

  3. Oh my, oh my....ribbons, one of my all time favorites; milagros, impossible to find here and, and, and.

    You are teasing us Donna. Now we all want to win.

    Your journal pages are turning out super and you already know which of the latest is my favorite.

    Have a safe, creative weekend. We will celebrate US Fathers Day here on Sunday. Hubby wants hot dogs, potato salad and onion rings; now that makes for an easy dinner.


  4. dearet Donna,
    gorgeous pages. Even though the cover had a eastern image the colors remind me of Mexico. Beautiful work. Im off to some weekend yard sales. take care, gerri

  5. Shiver me timbers! Such eye candy! I recognize some of the loot from when I fortunate enough to visit San Miguel as hubby worked in Leon. The place is magic!

  6. I have learned so much from you already - your spirit and tenacity and openness. You are an inspiration and I am so gad to have come across your blog.