June 5, 2011

* Today in the Studio

Did I tell you I enrolled in Mary Green's Vintage Glue Book Class?  If you are interested, please go have a peek ... it's on sale for a very reasonable price.

I began today.  I printed out the tons of images which go with the class.  I read through the lessons.  It's going to be fun.  I haven't done very much collage since I was in Canada.   At that time I was creating a line of cards for a small boutique in Victoria.  They were all collage.  Here, I've been concentrating on my painting until recently when my instructor went to Brazil. 

It was an interesting day.  I'm not sure what I like any more.  Perhaps I am changing.  I found the vintage colours to be too soft for me ... almost insipid.  Is that what Mexico does to a person!  Anyway, I will keep on trucking.

Just for fun, I threw a small collage together before I even looked at Mary's class.  It consists of papers already sitting on my table.

Then I read about vintage colour theory and tried one of the exercises on sizing.  We are working small.  I like to work big, so this is a challenge.  Here are my two attempts.

Which one do you like best?  Even though the 'rules of sizing' would indicated the first collage will work better, I don't like it.  The main subject has faded away into the background and I don't know which is the focal point, the woman or the butterfly.  I also find the vintage colours way tooooo pale ... they are without life.  (My opinion only)  I'm hoping as I work with 'vintage' again .. the feel for it will come back.  At one time I was so in love with those soft colours.  Perhaps it's just that I have not worked with it for awhile.  I felt with these pieces, the values were too much the same ... I wanted the focal points to stand out.

The second attempt breaks all the rules.  The main subject is too big.  I like it.  At least I know what the focal point is.  Still dislike the colouring.  I even took my pan pastels and shaded some areas to give it some depth.  Still not happy.

Years ago, 2001 to be exact, (for about three years)  I was involved in a group on Yahoo who did many altered book round robins.  I loved doing that.  I dug a couple of them out today and took a photo or two for you to see.  I still like these collages ... I like the composition, I like the colour.  They represent who I am.  What are your views on this whole subject? 

I still like these colours.  They are vintage but not vintage.  They have some uuumph.  I find it fascinating as I discover who I am as an artist.  We change all the time.  I will keep going with this on line class.  I will learn so much about who I am.  It will be an interesting study.

Wendy dropped over tonight for tea.  It was lovely to see her, and comforting to have company.  A lovely way to end my day.  I had to go out today to do some errands, so never really got into the 'zone'.  I'll work on this again tomorrow.  Thanks for dropping by ... love it when you do that!

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” ~ Dolly Parton


  1. I love collage, and i like using all sorts of colours. As I know nothing about it whatsover, this leaves me completey free to stick what I eant where I want (sorry, ssound a bit rude) and just do my own thingm which is what I enjoy. But It's a good idea to learn some tips ans tricks, But still, say you. Your colours are vibrant and warm, and your ideas are alwas fresh and young, so they have to be in your collage. Have a great day, and have fun! Hugs, Valerie

  2. hmmm.... interesting and helpful to see two arrangements of the same elements. I love the softness of the pieces around your Mom's photo, and love seeing a good bit of the sheet music behind the image. Guess I lean toward the first arrangement. But, what if... in that arrangement, her photo was something between the first and second sizes? It's nice that you are getting back to collage, and re-discovering things you've done before. Good stuff!

  3. Donna, you are excellent at collage. I struggle with it because I'm too structured to make it work well.

    I like the second collage because it focuses on your mom, the focal point.

    On the first one, the strip down the side takes away from the photo. What if you inserted a thinner strip?

    I'd keep both of them!!!

    Guess it's time to get dressed.


  4. I like all the collages. The vintage and subtle colors are really pretty- but yea, I'm like you and tend to gravitate to BOLD! You are always doing such cool art adventures. Have fun experimenting and trying new things.

  5. I like the second one of your mom, but like you, I prefer the bolder colours too.
    You know exactly what you like.
    love, Di

  6. It's 12:30 AM. I come to my blog to find your foot print here! Diane ... you made it!! I am so happy, delighted, ecstatic and honoured to have you here, my dear friend. A huge thank you and a big hug from far away. xxDonna

  7. Hi my Lovelies ... thank you all for dropping by with all your wonderful comments and thoughts. Nancy, I did play some more with the size, and I agree with your assessment. Have a peak tomorrow .. I think it's better. hugs to you all for being here and caring. Donna

  8. Yes now I see the orginal collages and like how you updated them. Isnt it wonderful with art that you are in control and can change the outcome! gerri

  9. I think she needs a red hat. lol I love collage but always end up ripping my whole house apart looking for the right piece. Thinking about you..hugs..Donna