June 20, 2011

TWO more Posts Until the BIG GIVEAWAY!

Check it out HERE!  You will have fun with the contents of this box ... so do take time to come and celebrate my 500th post, which is only TWO posts away.  Rules are: you must be a friend of this blog and leave me a comment on the day of the 500th post.  It will be FUN!

I think I mentioned I signed up for Full Tilt Boogie. Have a boo at Mary Ann Moss's blog Dispatch from LA where you can read about her on line classes. It's all about making journals from vintage and antique photograph albums ... you know the ones.  The huge beautiful ones with the cabinet photographs in them.  OR ... you can find smaller ones to play with .. OR .. an old book .. OR an old ledger.  I just happened to have two old albums with me which I had planned to make Altered Books out of.  This seemed interesting .. at least for one of them. The possibilities are endless and Mary Ann holds such tremendously FUN classes.  We were greeted at the opening of class with cocktail recipes!  YUP ... a great idea too!

At the moment I'm waiting for supplies.  Specifically, waxed linen thread and blunt binding needles from Volcano Arts.  I have an awl somewhere.  I know that for sure because I used it to bind my Remains of the Day Journal.  The trouble is, somewhere between downstairs and upstairs, it has been misplaced.  So, I'm on the hunt for the awl.  If you see it lying around, let me know!

In the meantime, I worked on  a 'practice book' today.  I have not done much book binding in my day, and have never done 'the kettle stitch' ... so have decided to make a small practice journal before I attempt the larger one.  I chose the papers, cut them to size and made 5 signatures today.  I cut the covers off an old Donna Parker Mystery book I have.  That's a kick isn't it?

This will be a great size journal to carry in my traveling art bag.  The size is about 10" X 7" and it won't be too thick.  I have four Donna Parker books ... I could make a series of Journals .. he he.

Hope you have a great day.  Thanks for dropping by.  ALWAYS a pleasure.

Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.
Jimmy Buffett


  1. Sounds like Donna Parker is really taking ginat steps! At first I thought you said you had lost your OWL. I think I have been reading too much Harry Potter again! But youe AWL might have hidden someplace together with my piece of wood - who knows? Have a lovely day, and get going on that lovely stuff you have to work with! Hugs, Valerie

  2. No, my OWL is fine .. sitting right here beside me being very wise. He says he knows where your wood is, but he's not telling ... not telling me where my awl is either! What good is an OWL anyway? LOVE your canvas!! hugs, Donna

  3. you make me smile Donna, "he he" ; ^)
    A series of journals, Donna Parker journals in fact, sound marvelous!! I have done some book binding, but never a kettle stitch! I look forward to seeing your journals and thanks as always for your kind comments.

  4. Just love that Donna Parker cover! What a hoot!Thats for the owl(awl)
    Journaling seems to come naturally to you, I wouldnt know where to start. Guess I should take a course. Thanks for yr support this week!take care dearie, gerri