June 1, 2011

* Water Colour Crayons and On Line Classes ...

It certainly is the age of on line classes.  Without leaving our homes we can register for almost any type of class imaginable.  Ten years ago, who would have thought his was coming.  I enjoyed "Remains of the Day" so much, I might be ready for another.

"Full Tilt Boogie", has been announced by Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch from LA.  Registration begins June 8th.  It's a journal making class ... this time out of salvaged cabinet photo albums ... or other options as indicated in her on site information.  I happen to have vintage cabinet photo albums with me. It's very tempting.

Lenna also announced Mary Green's Vintage Glue Book Class, is 'on sale' in celebration of the high number of students who have enrolled during the first year.  Collage fascinates me and I love doing it.  Obviously this would be a wonderful opportunity to pick up some expert information. 

Don't know which one I will do.  Both are very tempting, and in the long run I might do both.  The question is ... which one first ...

I played with my new Lyra Water Colour Crayons today.  It's called instant gratification!  I love them.  So very easy to work with.  Rich deep pigments which go on smooth and blend with great ease.  Much nicer than the set of water colour pencils I had some years ago.  In fact, I cannot get over the difference in the ease of use.  I know I will have great enjoyment from them for the Sketch Book Project 2012.

That was it for today.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Can't wait to see what you all have been up to!

“If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”  ~ Bob Proctor


  1. Lovely work Donna, love the vibrant colours! I love the water colour crayons, too, I have some from Caran D'Ache, and love to use them. Which course to do? Difficult, if I had to choose, I would do collage, as it is something I love and don't know much about! Whatever, have a lovely day, and take care. Hugs from Mrs Grumps!

  2. Love your water color work Donna and I am so glad to hear you find them so easy to use. I do too! They are one of my most used supplies.

    I am so glad my mention of Mary's vintage Gluebook class being on sale piqued your interest! I absolutely loved that class, that's where I met new friends Jewels Oman, Joanna Urbani and more. The flickr group Mary has for that class is a good way to meet others and share. Before that class I rarely worked with ONLY paper & glue or mainly Vintage images, so it was a step outside of my box that I fell in love with. Mary gives concise but good/meaningful lessons and I received TONS of images via pdfs & jpgs through her that were different than anything I already had. I look back upon my work I did with her with great fondness. I really learned a lot!

    I still have not started Maryann's Remains of the day journal except for some reading & viewing, so I will probably wait on the Full Tilt until I am properly tilted for a new class!!! I know you will enjoy whichever class you try . . . have fun!

  3. Vibrant colors! (of course your artistic eye makes it work!) jane